12 Best Travel Bags in 2022: Tote Bag, Duffle Bag, Carry-On Bag

For Overnights

The Tote Bag

The tote bag is ideal for a last-minute overnight stay, but it’s also the best companion for your carry-on bag as well. This type of bag is just big enough to stash a change of clothes along with your iPad, charging accessories and your dopp kit. It’s a bonus if the tote has an adjustable ergonomic shoulder pad, which will come in handy if you’re ever in danger of missing your flight.

FYI: Can also be
worn as a backpack.

Flex 2-way nylon-ripstop tote,
$195 by Porter-Yoshida & Co

Reiss Elliot Leather Tote

Elliot leather tote,
$495 / $208 by Reiss

For Weekends

The Duffle Bag

Going somewhere for a weekend? A duffle bag makes it simple and casual. Perfect for packing shoes, two outfits, and maybe a book and your camera (leaving room for a souvenir or two). Piece of advice: roll your clothes military style to cut down on wrinkles and place your socks in your shoes to save room.

For the Week

The Carry-On

A carry-on bag is the ultimate security blanket for traveling. People tend to overpack these but remember, it’s not what you pack, it’s how you pack. If you’re going on a week-long vacation, you don’t need multiple outfits for each day—edit your picks down to a few essential pieces like a few T-shirts, chinos and oxfords, then a nice jacket and jeans to pair with everything. It’s okay to cycle through and wear the same things every day, especially if they’re investment pieces.

Floyd Cabin Hardshell Suitcase

Cabin hardshell suitcase,
$385 by Floyd

Rimowa Essential Cabin Suitcase

Essential Cabin suitcase,
$740 by Rimowa

Away Bigger Carry-On Suitcase

The Bigger Carry-on suitcase,
$295 by Away

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