17 Best Men’s Tank Tops in 2021

You’ve tried everything. The air conditioner is on full blast, the ice maker is on twenty-four-seven, and you’re still somehow sweating. There’s really only one answer to keeping it cool on the sultriest of summer days, and that’s minimal clothing … so, adios the sleeves. Guaranteed lightweight, and without the inevitable cotton-tee pit-stains, tanks are the perfect airy layer for when even a breezy polo isn’t going to cut it. Sun’s out, guns out, right? The best sleeveless shirts style one of a couple of ways, the most common being a performance-oriented top. This athletic model often boasts a merino or synthetic fabric and sleek, form-fitting cut, built to handle sweat and show off your muscles while doing so. The classic cut-off look is back in force, too, with everyone from a fan-favorite actor to boutique running brands taking a page out of the ’80s bodybuilder lookbook (thank you, Arnold). Simple is in, as well—a fitted, ribbed tank might just be the top of the summer.

There are plenty of ways to tackle tank top takes in 2021. If you’ve opted for a sportier model, try to avoid the cargo shorts and beat sandals, and go with athletic bottoms instead. The aforementioned cut-off pairs immaculately with a pair of short shorts—if you spent all of last year working on your summer body, why not show off the bi’s and the quads? Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try a pair of jorts (bonus points for self-cut shorts). The ribbed tank is best worn with a pair of large, loose pants for a nice contrast and a trendier look. However you wear them, don’t forget that confidence is key (and a few extra push-ups can’t hurt). Browse our picks below for the best tank tops of the season.

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