18 Best Advent Calendars for Men Are Packed With Daily Goodies

It’s the best innovation to come out of the United Kingdom since like, Harry Potter or the Land Rover: ultra-luxe advent calendars for men. 

But let’s back up. Advent calendars are used to count down the days of Advent—the month or so leading up to Christmas Eve, starting four Sundays before Christmas. And there are special calendars to count down the days, which often incorporate a daily treat. When we were growing up, that usually meant, like, a piece of chocolate. On a good day. But now that gift-giving has become one of the main features of the holiday season, advent calendars have become a way to kick off gift-giving process in earnest, a trailer of sorts before the big theatrical release. These days they’re packed with great stuff—and also a distinctly English phenomenon, which is why so many of the best of ’em come from across the pond.

When we first heard about them we were skeptical. But the advent calendars we came across in the interim—the kind stuffed with luxe grooming products and skin care essentials—might actually (swallows pride)…make for some of the best gifts out there. At the very least, they pack a whole lot of value into a fun-to-open package. If taking a religious tradition and turning it into a way to celebrate frivolous luxuries feels a little blasphemous, well, you can also buy one with a daily sex toy. 

If you’re running shockingly low on gift ideas—and don’t mind a back-of-the-envelope currency calculation—the best advent calendars for men are worth a look. Here are our favorites (or should we say…favourites?) you can buy right now.

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