26 Best Gifts for Teens, the Hardest-to-Please People on Your List in 2021

The best gifts for teens should be filed right up there in the same category with the hardest of “hard to shop fors,” because as any marketing executive can tell you, teenagers are a notoriously tricky demographic to pin down. Nothing makes you question your sense of self like the deadpan reaction of a hip teenager (a trendsetter and easy barometer of coolness) opening a holiday gift they’re not into and will not even pretend to enjoy. 

Really, who can blame them for their lack of enthusiasm? Kids have had a tough year and change—missing out on hallmark experiences while stuck at home in their sweats, or cooped up with their parents 24/7. This holiday season, it’s a good time to put a little extra brain power into gift ideas that the teens in your life will actually enjoy.

So, to please all the coolest youths in your Rolodex (sorry to borrow a boomer term)—whether they be Instagram influencers, budding TikTok stars, or just abundantly in-the-know—we’ve done some digging to unearth some of the best hot-ticket items to slip them this year. Take whatever teenager-impressing energy you’d been using to learn TikTok choreography and funnel it right into getting them some of these decidely unlame picks, the best gifts for teens that we’ve forecasted for you below.

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