57 Stylish Gifts for Men on Amazon to Start Your Holiday Shopping Early

When it comes to stylish, happy-making gifts for men, Amazon, the store of infinite mediocre gifts, can actually be your friend. Yes, if you’re digging around Amazon for gift ideas, particularly gifts of the style variety, you’ll notice it’s not as seamless a process as ordering Clorox wipes and a box of those little nail things that hold up framed art. Amazon’s just too big for roaming the aisles and hoping that perfect something for the special someone just jumps out at you. It’s a warehouse, not a mall. 

But it’s a different story if you’re armed with a list of exactly what you want to give (or receive). To help you bang out your holiday shopping in a matter of minutes—even if those minutes take place on December 24th—we’ve assembled a GQ-endorsed group of the best gifts for men that you can find on Amazon. There, now you’ve got your list. And no matter who you’re shopping for, they’ll like something here—a portable projector, a fancy toothbrush, a backyard fire pit. And you’ll have given yourself a gift…of time, which you have not wasted randomly searching keywords like “best cool things.”

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