8 Best Men’s Plaid Blazers in 2022

If there’s ever a season to jump into brighter colors and take more of a risk, the tail of summer is the time to do it. The air is warmer, the drinks are cooler, and all the vitamin D has us in a better mood. This time of year has its fair share of formal occasions too—or excuses if you’re more optimistic, to try something bolder and brighter. You can always hide behind your sunglasses if you have to.

Rehearsal dinners for all the delayed weddings, a work function with coworkers you haven’t met IRL yet, anything can be a reason to throw a more formal layer on. And, it doesn’t need to be something as predictable as a navy blazer or as casual as a chore jacket.

The beauty of a sport coat is its ability to elevate any look. It can dress up a pair of jeans, make any white T-shirt appear more formal, and even offset a pair of sneakers that showcase years of scuffs and stories. When it fits perfectly, it’s our cheat code to looking like we’re trying way harder than we really are. And isn’t summer all about putting in as little effort as possible anyway?

Men's plaid cotton-linen blazer

Fortunately, prep’s recent revival means plenty of brands are adjusting their color palates and throwing plaids of yesteryear together, but with today’s lighter fabrics (sorry, ’70s polyester) and little more modern edge. Sure, a blazer doesn’t sound rebellious, but when it’s this loud or bright, there is a wink to wearing something more formal because you have to, but still keeping it light—both literally and figuratively.

The best part of this crop of neo-preppy outerwear is that with your jacket doing all the work, it simplifies everything else. A white shirt with a loafer or minimalist sneaker and you’re set to take on most any functions and look damn good while doing it.

Channel Don Draper’s dinner party plaid, or something out of a Slim Aarons photograph if you’re ready to take a big swing. Or, ease your way into warmer waters with a lighter color, or windowpane pattern that’s a touch more subtle. Either way, we have you covered when you’re ready to inject a little punk into today’s prep.

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