Amazon Made a Wall-E Robot for $999 🤯, Google Pixel 6 Pricing 👀 & more!

Don’t worry, we do have official news today but they’re so good we’re gonna leave them on for later in the show. First, let’s talk about iPhones and battery life issues that I actually do agree with. We know iPhones have never been the best at this, but things have been worse with iOS 15, at least with the 12 Series and we might have found a specific cause. Spotify has officially acknowledged that their app is causing battery drain and overheating issues on both iOS 15 and 14.8. A user on Twitter claims that his brand new iPhone 12 mini got extremely hot and lost around 1% of battery per minute, while only having the Spotify app opened. He tried all of the recommended actions but the issue continued. On a forum post the company thanked users for the reports and said they passed on the information to the relevant team and assured that they are looking into it and urged other users having the issue to subscribe for whenever they have a new statement. They also said you cold try restarting or a clean reinstall of the app, as well as disabling background app refresh but, it doesn’t seem to be working too well. Here’s the thing, I’ve been dealing with Spotify battery drain for ever, so I’m shocked this is considered new. Let’s see how it evolves.

Now, it’s about to be October so, there won’t be a lack of Pixel leaks until it’s launched officially and today is not an exception. Starting with the Pixel Fold, XDA Developers got their hands on a leaked build of Android 12.1 which clearly shows Google is working on bringing a better UI for foldable devices, most likely their own. Now, we don’t have a direct mention to the foldable but, we have a ton of screenshots with lots of minor tweaks, kind of showing that Google is taking foldables seriously and is not just something they’re leaving for other manufacturers. But alright, let’s move on to something we know we’re getting, the Pixel 6. We’ve gotten so many leaks lately but, one thing that has managed to slip us is the price tag.. We have heard that it’s going to be priced in the premium segment but we didn’t have any real numbers. Now we have a new video from This Is Tech Today, where he gives us some leaked prices for the European market.. According to him, the Pixel 6 might start at 649 Euros, while the Pixel 6 Pro will start at 899. Just as a quick reference the Pixel 5 which was pretty much a mid-ranger started at 629 so, a 20 Euro difference for all the upgrades we’re getting this year sounds great. Where things got interesting is when 9to5Google was able to confirm these prices with one of their sources in Europe so, it’s kind of safe to say we can expect something in that range. So yeah, the Pixel 6 is getting a slight bump but with a ton of upgrades, and that 6 Pro is definitely in flagship territory but if they manage to keep it at 899 in the US, I think it’ll be a pretty good buy. Sadly we’ve heard 1000 bucks, so we’re not holding our breath.

Let’s move on to Amazon for the first time today and yes, we actually have two segments because they announced a ton of stuff, but I’ll narrow the cool ones you might care about. Starting with Amazon Glow. Think of it as the tactile projector you’ve seen in science fiction, but geared for kids to be able to play games with others. Not that I care much about it, but seriously Amazon, when are we gonna get board games for adults on this? As for the cool adult toys, what I’m looking forward to the most is the Amazon Echo Show 15, which is like the smart dashboard you want at home. It brings a 1080p 15.6-inch display that can be placed on a counter or even mounted to the wall. It’s built with their next-generation Amazon AZ2 neural processor that allows for new experiences, new personalization features with Visual ID. It also allows you to use streaming services like Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, obviously music and more. Obviously I’ll spare you all the PR wording when our review unit arrives. The Echo Glow starts at 300 bucks but, you can catch it for 250 on early access, and the Echo Show 15 will start at 250 with accessories sold separately. So yeah, nice things, but next up, let’s talk about the real Sci-Fi stuff.

But finally, for the hottest news today and probably for the first time ever, let’s talk about Amazon and the pet version of Wall-E. Fine, not exactly Wall-E, but Astro is their new home robot that costs the same as an iPhone 13 Pro, but is a freaking robot. Amazon envisions bringing together things like robotics, AI, home monitoring and cloud services into one device. And I love how the Verge is calling it the love child between a Roomba and an Echo Show smart display, but with the difference that it’s not as slow or dumb as a Roomba. Astro measures around 2 feet in height and weighs about 20 pounds with its main drive wheels having about 12 inches in diameter. These wheels are apparently large enough to move through carpet and clear through doors with no problem. Oh, and the face? It’s pretty much an Echo Show 10 with an array of sensors in the bezels, as well as a 5MP video camera.. But most of the time it displays two circles that behave as eyes, allowing you to understand what the robot is doing, making it behave more like a pet. Amazon claims that it’s designed to check in on your home while moving autonomously, checking specific areas and show you any place in your home through the Astro App. Alexa Guard would determine different kind of sounds to alert you and it even has Drop In in case you need to take care of some relatives. It also works with Ring to patrol your home if you’re on a trip and it also promises to deliver a “fun, entertaining and engaging experience” and with AI it’ll reportedly get better with time. Astro costs $999 as an introductory price with a 6-month trial of Ring Project Pro if you’re part of Amazon’s Day 1 Edition program. It’ll be available in limited quantities so, make sure you keep an eye out if you’re planning to buy.


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