Amazon’s Halo just got better, with the new Halo View and more

Amazon has announced a new member of its Halo family. The new Amazon Halo View is the company’s new health tracker that features an AMOLED color display that will show health metrics. However, Halo devices are also getting better, as Amazon has announced two new features that have been created to help you reach your fitness goals.

Amazon’s latest tech event has brought several great surprises, including a larger Echo Show 15, a new Glow, and an amazing little Astro that will definitely get you thinking about watching Wall-E once again. We also received a new health tracker, the Amazon Halo View. This new fitness tracker features a color display and a full year of Halo membership for just $80. This is a great deal considering that the original Halo Band sells for $100.

The new Halo View didn’t arrive alone, as Amazon also announced an all-new Halo Fitness service that offers members tons of studio-quality workouts from several trusted industry experts and coaches. In addition, Halo Nutrition is a new membership experience that will help all of us who have a hard time eating healthy, as it provides healthy recipes; plus, you also get tools for personalized meal planning. The best part is that these two new features are already included as part of the Halo membership, which means that you won’t have to pay extra for any of these new features.

“Amazon announced expansions to Amazon Halo with three new additions to the Halo family: Halo View, a new health tracker with an AMOLED color display for at-a-glance access to Halo health metrics; Halo Fitness, a new service with hundreds of studio-quality workout classes; and Halo Nutrition, a new experience to help build healthy eating habits. Halo View comes bundled with a full year of Halo membership for just $79.99, and will ship in time for the holidays.”

Amazon’s Halo service also includes other great features, such as an ever-expanding catalog of workouts, sleep resources, nutrition programs, and more. You also get to measure your body fat percentage from your home thanks to computer vision and machine learning in Halo products. So check out the new Halo View and see if it’s the best fitness tracker for you.

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