Apple Watch Series 7 is a ‘dramatic change in design’, to ship in late September, Kuo claims

Apple Watch Series 7 is one of the most anticipated Apple products of this fall. The new watch is expected to feature a flat-edge design and a bigger battery, but this seems to have caused issues as Apple ran into issues during the production of Series 7. Widely renowned Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo is now claiming that Apple has resolved the issues with the production of Series 7, and is now targeting mass production around mid-September. This could mean Apple will announce the Series 7 along with iPhone 13 next week with mass shipments in late September.


The production issue of the Apple Watch 7 is mainly related to the panel side. However, it has been resolved, and mass production of panel modules will begin in mid of September.

– Ming Chi-Kuo

Kuo also says that the new Apple Watch Series 7 will be a “dramatic” change in the design. Bloomberg has already detailed that Apple Watch Series 7 will face an iPad Pro-like and iPhone 12-like flat edge design which will reportedly take advantage of new watch faces.

However, the production issues are not only due to the new design, says Kuo. Apple is also shifting to a new OLED panel with Series 7 which seems to have caused the issue. The new OLED G6 panel Apple’s trying to implement a more durable display panel than the previous ones, which uses a contact design instead of the old cable design. It also requires a low injection pressure overmolding (LIPO) process that can enhance durability.

Due to the adoption of many new panel-related production processes for the first time, the Apple Watch 7 panel module encountered reliability issues during the risk-ramp phase before Jabil started mass production, mainly including blinking panel and touch insensitivity. This complicated production issue may be related to LGD, Jabil, or Young Poong.

– Ming Chi-Kuo

Apple has seemingly resolved the issues, and Kuo says it expects Apple to “start mass production of Apple Watch 7 panel modules in mid-September.” Based on this new schedule, Kuo claims the Watch Series 7 will start mass shipments in late September.

Apple Watch Series 7 is shaping up to be a major upgrade for the smartwatch from Apple. The upcoming watch is said to be a double-sided chip, bigger battery, larger display, along a new design. The Cupertino-giant is expected to announce Watch Series 7 along with iPhone 13 next week.

Via: MacRumors

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