Apps consuming high amounts of RAM on macOS Monterey? You’re not alone.

Apple released macOS Monterey stable version last week. The new OS brings many features like SharePlay, Shortcuts for Mac, Focus mode, Quick Notes, Live Text, and much more. However, it seems that the stable version isn’t stable enough. Earlier today, we got a report that macOS Monterey was resulting in bricking of some older Macs and MacBooks. And now, according to a new report from MacRumors, macOS Monterey is also not handling app RAM usage very well. As per the report, apps on macOS Monterey are consuming high amounts of RAM, sometimes as big as 20GB of RAM.

MacRumors is calling the bug “memory leak.” It’s a bug in which a specific macOS process or an app stays running in the background, instead of the system stopping it or clearing it out. This results in macOS Monterey consuming “abnormally” high amounts of internal memory or RAM. Interestingly, as MacRumors reports, the newly introduced 2021 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro are affected by the bug. Several communities, including Twitter, Reddit, and Apple Support Forums, are full of people reporting the bug.

YouTuber Gregory McFadden shared a screenshot on Twitter showing that his new 2021 MacBook Pro had over 20GB of RAM on its 64GB memory clogged by macOS Monterey’s Control Center. People on Twitter have also been notifying that Firefox has the “memory leak” bug on the new MacBook Pro running macOS Monterey.

Apple hasn’t uttered a word on the bug yet. But, given the bug is quite widespread, Apple is expected to patch it with an update to macOS Monterey soon. Have you experienced the memory leak bug that “eats” a lot of the RAM on your Mac? Let us know in the comments section below!

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