Best Pixel 6 Chargers: SUPCASE, Spigen, Anker, Samsung, and more

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have been available for a little over a month now, and if you’ve recently gotten your hands on either one, you may have found out that Google no longer ships a charging adapter in the box, sending just a USB-C to USB-C cable. Thus, if you’re on the lookout for ways to keep your Pixel 6 Series device charged and ready to go, read this article to learn about some of the best charger options available on the market.

Best USB PD Chargers for Pixel 6


SUPCASE USB C Charger with Folding Prongs

The SUPCASE USB-C Charger is an accessory with two USB Ports, one USB-A and one USB-C. Its total output of 20W will ensure your Pixel charges efficiently via USB PD. And if you’ve already bought a SUPCASE cover for your Pixel 6, this accessory will look just right alongside your phone. A chip on the inside plays a role in ensuring your device is not stressed while charging, and the foldable prong design makes the adapter easy to pack when on the move.


The SUPCASE USB-C Charger features two ports, one USB-A and another USB-C. Its 20W capacity is ideal to charge up your devices efficiently within a short span of time.

Anker Nano II

Anker Nano 2 Charger 30W Version
Source: Anker

Anker Nano II is a 30W GaN Charger capable of providing your Pixel with enough power for a day in a short period. Since it supports USB-C PD (PPS), we believe it will follow the same standard that Google’s official 30W adapter does and will provide 50 percent of charge in 30 minutes.

This unit can also charge notebooks and tablets. But its key selling point is its compact form factor which will allow you to throw it into tiny nooks or use it without blocking access to other plug ports.

Anker Nano II

Anker Nano II supports USB-C PD (PPS) and charges Phones, Tablets, and Notebooks. It’s the perfect accessory to carry or use at home.

Anker PowerPort PD 2

Anker PowerPort PD 2 in Black
Source: Anker

Anker PowerPort PD 2 is the charging accessory to pick up if you don’t care for the fastest charging speeds and would rather have a unit that is versatile and easy to pack for a trip. It features two ports, a USB-C that supports the PD standard, and a USB-A which uses Anker’s PowerIQ branding, meaning it can charge your devices with 12W of power and manage it well. The USB-C unit can output a maximum of 20W, but with the Pixel 6, users should see about 18W of input power.

As said earlier, the PowerPort PD 2 is easy to pack for a trip. We mentioned this due to the retractable prongs, which fold into the structure of the charger.

Anker PowerPort PD 2

The PowerPort PD 2 is perfect for users who require USB-A or USB-C ports. Its retractable prongs also make it perfect for carrying in an accessory sleeve.

Google 30W USB-C Charger

Pixel 6 Official Charger
Source: Google

Google’s 30W USB-C unit is the accessory to pick if you want to ensure your Pixel 6 makes the most of its charging capabilities. The device ships with just a USB-C to USB-C cable, which will pair with this accessory from the OEM. Its listing mentions that using it will ensure your phone charges up to 50 percent within 30 minutes.

It’s also available in a Charger and Cable bundle in case you want an extra wire available. The manufacturer also mentions it uses recycled materials to create the plastic enclosure.

Google 30W USB-C Charger

The default accessory to get for your Google Pixel 6. It promises 50 percent charge in 30 minutes via USB-C PD (PPS).

Best Wireless Chargers for Pixel 6

Pixel Stand 2nd Generation

Pixel 6 on Pixel Stand 2nd Gen
Source: Google

If you’re looking for wireless chargers for Pixel 6, the second-generation Pixel Stand has to be at the top of your list. This accessory uses the Qi standard and can charge the standard model at 21W and the Pro model at 23W — which are also their highest wired charging speeds.

When you place your phone on it, the device can act as a Nest Hub, allowing you to control temperature, lights, security cameras, and a lot more. If you own any other Google products, like Pixel Buds, they can also charge on the stand. And if you’re worried about heating, a built-in fan will attempt to keep charging devices cool.

Pixel Stand (2nd generation)

The second-generation Pixel Stand is the accessory for those looking to wirelessly charge their devices and make the most of its smart home capabilities.

Spigen Wireless Charger

Spigen Wireless Charger
Source: Spigen

The Spigen Wireless Charger is an accessory capable of charging Pixel devices at 15W. If you’re looking for a unit that gets the job done and looks aesthetically pleasing, this is very likely the one for you. The rubber pad on the charging surface will ensure your phone is not slipping around when placed, and the one on the bottom will do the same for the charger itself.

The accessory ships with a 6.6ft USB-C to USB-C cable in its packaging, and it’s also case friendly; if it’s up to 5mm thick. Anything thicker, and you will need to take it off for charging.

Spigen Wireless Charger

Spigen’s Wireless Charger is a wireless charging accessory that provides a decent cost to performance ratio. It can charge your Pixel 6 with 15W of power.

Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger

Anker PowerWave Alloy Wireless Charger
Source: Anker

The Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger is a unit perfect for those looking to charge their Pixel 6 in the living room or the study. Its minimal design and aluminum structure make it perfect to fit into any household. The included 5ft USB-A to USB-C cable will also help with cable management.

It has a maximum output of 15W for devices and features a non-slip pad on the top and a non-slip ring on the bottom. The small LED also has flashing and color modes which can help inform users about the charging status — whether it’s ongoing or obstructed in some manner.

Anker PowerWave

The Anker PowerWave accessory offers 15W wireless charging and an aluminum enclosure, making for an accessory that’ll fit well into homes.

Best Power Banks for Pixel 6

Anker PowerCore III

Anker Power Core 3 Power Bank in Black
Source: Anker

Anker PowerCore III is a 10000mAh power bank that supports USB-C PD and also has a wireless charging surface capable of 10W charging. The USB-C port can output 18W. Its package contains a USB-C to USB-C cable and a carrying pouch.

Users can also use the accessory as a passthrough unit by charging the power bank and placing their phone on top of the wireless pad to power it.

Anker PowerCore III

Anker PowerCore III is a 10000mAh power bank that feature USB-C PD, Qi Wireless Charging and a USB-A port.

Samsung 25W Wireless Portable Battery

Samsung 25W Power Bank with Wireless Charging
Source: Samsung

The Samsung 25W Wireless Portable is another 10000mAh cell that’s perfect for quick top-ups. It features dual USB-C ports and a wireless charging pad capable of 7.5W charging. If you’ve purchased a Galaxy Watch 4 to go along with your Pixel 6, you can also charge it on this accessory.

The Samsung 25W Wireless Portable Battery features Qi Wireless Charging and USB-C PD connectivity for supported devices.

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD

Anker PowerCore Essential in Black
Source: Anker

Anker PowerCore Essential is a 20000mAh power bank with support for USB PD. Its USB-C port has an output of 20W, while the USB-A port can pull 18W. The large capacity of this charger should be able to provide your Pixel 6 with approximately four full charges, while the 6 Pro should be able to get four.

The accessory also ships with a USB-A to USB-C and USB-C to USB-C cables. There’s also a travel pouch to increase ease while traveling.

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD

The Anker PowerCore Essential is a 20000mAh power bank perfect for a long day out. Its port variety is also an advantage.

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