Design & Name CONFIRMED? iPhone 13 Display Issues & more! (video)

The official news today begin with non-other than Nintendo on a report that has me kinda sad. After being announced a few months ago, Nintendo’s somewhat disappointing OLED Switch is finally launching next week. And ahead of that launch, there was a Bloomberg report claiming that they were planning to launch an OLED Switch Pro with a 4K display and some new Nvidia hardware. Of course everyone was happy with that rumor but, now we got the official Nintendo account chiming in. They’re saying that there is a report that falsely claims that Nintendo is supplying tools to drive game development for a 4K Switch and they want to clarify that this is not true. They also re-stated that as they announced in July, they have no plans for any other model other than the Nintendo Switch, which is launching on October 8th. What’s hilarious here is that, even with Nintendo debunking this, Bloomberg is standing by what they said. They’re claiming that the company did provide developers with the 4K device and asked them to test higher resolution games but of course, Nintendo further denied it. So, sadly it looks like there won’t be a Switch Pro at least any time soon… I guess Bluetooth audio is their way of throwing us a bone until we get something else.

Let’s move the spotlight on to Apple for a couple of segments, to discuss some issues we’re currently getting on different products. Starting with iPads, if you follow some of the tech community on Twitter you’ve most likely seen the whole Jelly Scrolling issue on the new iPad mini. In case you’re not familiar, it happens when you set your iPad on landscape and one side of the display is refreshing slower than the other side, so it looks kind of jittery if you’re scrolling through text. It caused a whole frenzy over the week with some people outraged and others saying it was normal. And it went so viral, that Apple came out and spoke on the matter. They provided a statement to ArsTechnica, where they’re saying that jelly scrolling is not an issue with the iPad mini 6 display. And they claim that this is normal behavior for 60Hz LCDs, like the one in the iPad mini. To be more specific, they’re explaining that “because these screens refresh line by line, there’s a tiny delay between the lines at the top of the screen and the lines at the bottom. This can cause some uneven scrolling issues like the one on this iPad”. So for those of you holding on from buying an iPad mini, stay tuned to the channel because my review is coming soon and I got a lot to say but, jelly scrolling shouldn’t be a reason for you not to get it.

But, moving on from the iPad mini, let’s talk about some iPhone issues.. And boy there’s a lot. As yes, it looks like iOS 15 wasn’t as ready for the public as we thought. Several iPhone 13 and ever older iPhone users are having a ton of touch input-related issues after they updated last week. Some users claim that their device completely ignores touch input, and to get it to work they have to repeatedly tap the phone until it recognizes that you’re trying to use it or until they restart it. This issue apparently also affects the tap to wake feature, where the phone won’t respond to your input at all. According to users on multiple forums and Reddit, sometimes it means the whole display won’t work and others it’s just from the corners. Then you got other people like Prosser where his Apple Watch won’t unlock his iPhone, and then his Watch got completely bricked and stuck in the charging display. We’ve also seen other issues where the Mail app crashes, Widgets not working and the whole Spotify deal we covered on Tuesday. I suppose and hope that Apple is working on a fix but, we don’t really have a date for any updates. On the other hand, it looks like demand for the new iPhones is going pretty well for Cupertino. To the point were suppliers in Taiwan are focusing on producing parts for the new iPhones rather than other companies like Samsung since they’re having lower sales than in previous years for Q3. Let us know if you guys are having any issues because my experience has been very buggy over all but definitely not as bad as some of these guys. Stay tuned for iPhone content over the weekend.

Rumor: Samsung will call its top-end 2022 flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra, Not Note 22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 series design confirmed by case leaks?

Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s talk about Samsung and the Galaxy S22 Series as leaks and reports don’t seem to stop. And hey we’re not complaining, but bear with me because it’s like 3 different reports. Starting with the battery capacity for the base model, a new report claims that the regular S22 will bring a 3700 mAh battery, which is a 300 mAh downgrade from the S21. What’s interesting or alarming here is that, it’s the same manufacturer for the Note 7 battery.. So I don’t know how thin and light Samsung might want to go here… But hey, times have changed and processors are more efficient so, who am I to judge. Moving on, let’s talk about the name once again! We have a new tweet from Ice Universe were he’s correcting Chun’s previous report, by saying that the high end variant is going to be called Galaxy S22 Ultra instead of the Note 22 Ultra. And he’s confident enough to say this is 100% confirmed like he did with the S-Pen so, let’s see how that evolves. But, probably the hottest thing we’ve seen is some new case renders. You know when they get a hold of a design, it’s pretty much official. These renders were posted by Slash Leaks, and they confirm the squared off design we saw from the renders, the S Pen Slot and the camera array. Now, for the camera, the case only has a P outline but, we’re still not sure on which of the leaked designs Samsung is gonna go for but it definitely looks good in these case renders to me. So just as a quick recap, smaller battery for the base model from the Note 7 supplier, we’re not sure on the size for the other models… Galaxy S22 Ultra name instead of Note, and this new design which now has case-maker confirmation.


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