Does the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 have 5G?

When Samsung unveiled the first generation Galaxy Z Flip, in times when every flagship OEM was pushing for 5G compatibility, they left it out. They soon addressed this with a 5G-variant, featuring the 865 Plus being made available for $1449 (reduced to $1199). Now, this launch of two versions in six months might raise the question of whether Samsung will follow a similar strategy with the Z Flip 3. Fortunately, we are glad to confirm, that will not be the case as Z Flip 3 will launch 5G-ready with the Snapdragon 888.

Amongst other specifications, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 features a 1.9-inch Super AMOLED Display on the front and unfolds to give access to a 6.7-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED Infinity Flex Display, which features a new protective coating that’s 80 percent more durable than its generation. The foldable’s pricing starts at $999 and will be available for pre-order from 11th August, with sales beginning on the 27th. To learn more about this foldable, make sure to check out our detailed report and await the full review on Pocketnow.

What 5G technology does Z Flip 3 support?

Similar to the previous generation Galaxy Z Flip 5G, the Z Flip 3 supports the use of standalone and non-standalone 5G bands along with the newer generation Enhanced 4X4 MIMO, 7CA, LAA, LTE Cat.20 for LTE connectivity.

And another welcome change is that mmWave functionality, which was missing from last year’s model — limited to Sub-6GHz — is now here, meaning in regions that support it, you will be able to get faster download and upload speeds.

    The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the device to buy if you’re looking to get in on the foldable action without spending upwards of a thousand dollars. Its feature set makes it the most attractive option since the Flip-series’ introduction.

Also, the Z Flip 3 was not the only foldable announced at the event, as Samsung also unveiled the third-generation Galaxy Z Fold for those interested in a larger phone with S-Pen support. If you want to learn more about the device, we recommend you read this summary. And if you’re interested in purchasing it, here is a list of our top case recommendations and the best deals available on the premium smartphone.

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