Essential Style Hacks to Save You Time and Money

Get Tailored in a Snap
When you don’t have time to get a new garment tailored, a rubber band can make for a quick and effective fix. Shirt sleeves too long? Pull them up to where you want them and then use a rubber band like a garter to hold them up. (Just remember you won’t be able to remove your jacket while wearing them.) Pants too big? Bring two back belt loops in the back together and knot the rubber band around them for a cinched waistband.

Get the right fit without a fitting room. Maybe you’re vintage shopping and there isn’t a fitting room. Maybe you just don’t want to bother with trying something on. You can still ensure that you find the right fit with your pants using this trick. Make a fist and slide your forearm into the buttoned waistband. For most average sized men, the length of an arm from your fist to the elbow roughly correlates to your waist circumference.

Steam Wrinkles

(Without a Steamer)

If you want to remove wrinkles from a garment, or even multiple pieces, without having to stand over it with a steamer, simply toss your creased clothes into a medium heat dryer with a few ice cubes. The dryer’s heat releases moisture from the ice cubes, which then helps loosen up wrinkles, while the tumbling dries things up and ensures everything comes out smooth.

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