Face ID that works with masks allegedly being tested by Apple

It seems that wearing a mask won’t be a problem for iPhone users who want to unlock their devices with Face ID. According to new information from Front Page Tech, Apple could be testing new iPhone 13 Face ID technology that would allow users to access their phones, even while using a face mask and “foggy classes.”

The latest rumors suggest that Apple is testing new Face ID technology, which may be the same configuration in the new iPhone 13 lineup. A report from Front Page Tech claims that Apple is experimenting with this new iPhone 13 Face ID array. This is possible thanks to the development of a prototype case that connects the new components to the iPhone 12 units so that they use the new hardware within the case instead of the regular Face ID configuration.

“Internally, for testing purposes only, Apple has developed a prototype case that fits around iPhone 12 that they are using to test a new Face ID array. The case fits snug around the phone, with a very visible extra sensor array sitting above the device. This prototype case allows the iPhone 12 to bypass the regular Face ID array, in favor of using the new hardware within the case.”

Apple may have decided that this was the safest move to prevent iPhone 13 leaks, as seeing a prototype case isn’t the same as getting to see the unreleased iPhone 13 handsets. Prosser also mentions that he took the videos and images of about 75 prototypes to @RendersbyIan to make 3D renders to represent the new Face ID array.

“From what we’ve seen, the Face ID array inside the prototype case is narrower than the array typically found inside the iPhone 12, with the camera of the prototype being on the left side. This allows us to further speculate that the array inside the prototype is that of the iPhone 13.”

This new Face ID system would allow users to unlock their devices even while wearing masks, which is great considering the ongoing pandemic. Remember that we are sometimes required to wear masks, and you know that wearing a mask will make your glasses foggy every once in a while. And the best part is that this new Face ID prototype can unlock your iPhone without the need for an Apple Watch.

“Internally, Apple employees are being asked to wear masks AND glasses to test the new hardware. Some tests are conducted with masks on / masks off. Others are conducted with glasses on / glasses off while wearing a mask.”

Now, this information has been backed up by leaker @Jioriku, who claims that this new feature may become available in the future via a software update, in case that Apple doesn’t have it ready by the launch of the iPhone 13 lineup.

Source Front Page Tech

Via iMore


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