First Google Pixel 6a renders show familiar design


  • The first Google Pixel 6a renders show off the anticipated design.
  • If the renders prove accurate, the budget-oriented model would be very similar to the vanilla Pixel 6.
  • Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a headphone jack onboard.

Now, thanks to reliable leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer (via 91Mobiles), we have an idea of what to expect from the Google Pixel 6a. If these leaked renders prove accurate, we can expect a phone remarkably like the vanilla Pixel 6. In fact, it might be a little too similar.

Check out the renders for yourself below.

Google Pixel 6a leaked renders

It appears Google is done with the “old” designs of Pixels. This phone appears to take all its design cues from the Pixel 6 series, which makes sense when you look at its name. However, there was some speculation about whether a Google Pixel 6a would crib from the designs of older A-series devices (such as the Pixel 5a) or from the new line, and these renders appear to answer that question.

Interestingly, this phone appears incredibly close to the vanilla Pixel 6. There’s no headphone jack, a flat 6.2-inch display, an in-display fingerprint sensor, a dual-lens camera on the back, and a centered selfie camera cutout on the front. If someone just glanced at this, they’d likely think it was a full-on Pixel 6.

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Knowing what we know about A-series devices, though, there are likely a lot of compromises inside the phone. It’s unlikely Google Tensor would be onboard, for example, which would also likely mean it would lack some photography capabilities of the main Pixel 6 series. There could also be lower specs in other areas in order to keep the price down.

We have no idea when Google plans to launch this phone. However, since it’s leaking now, it can’t be too far off — maybe a few months. Stay tuned, as we’ll likely learn more about the Google Pixel 6a before the end of 2021!

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