Galaxy Note 22 Ultra REVEALED, Pixel 6 Dates Confirmed? & more! (video)

There’s no official news today… but chill, events are coming. Trust me. For now, let’s talk Samsung for the first time, and we’ll be focusing on a phone we’ve been waiting on for a long time and, it’s not getting any better. A few days ago we had a new report claiming that Samsung fixed the production issues they were having with the Galaxy S21 FE due to the global chip shortage and that they had started mass production but.. That might not be the case. According to a new tweet from Tron where he’s citing a Korean news outlet, the S21 FE October Unpacked has been cancelled, and Samsung is considering not releasing the device at all. They claim that it is due to the chip shortage but also because the Z Flip 3 is selling so well beyond their expectations. Ice Universe also chimed in by saying that, if the Galaxy S22 Series releases in December, it is reasonable to cancel the S21 FE. And every year we hear that the S is launching a little earlier than before so, let’s see if this year it actually happens. We were expecting the S21 FE to bring nearly identical specifications to the S21 but in different color variants, and people were excited for it due to the S20 FE’s success but, we’ll see what ends up happening in Techtober.

Let’s shift gears on to Apple and a couple of Ming Chi Kuo reports that give us an update on what’s going on with upcoming Macs. For starters, he mentions that they expect the shipment of Apple Silicon based MacBook models will be cut by approximately 15% in the first half of 2022 due to 3 different reasons. Those being component shortages which are still going on, structural demand due to COVID, and the product transition between legacy and new models. Now, to provide some detail on one of these MacBooks, Kuo also talks about the upcoming MacBook Air. Apple reportedly plans to begin mass production for this Mac in the third quarter of next year, and Kuo expects it to bring a new design as well as a more powerful Apple Silicon chip. On previous reports he’s mentioned that we’re getting an entirely new design that includes a mini-LED display and possibly Apple’s direct M1 Successor. Mark Gurman also claims that it’ll feature a thinner and lighter enclosure, 2 USB C ports, and a MagSafe connector. So, if they start mass production by Q3, we’ll most likely get them in an event some time in October or November next year, but of course here we are still waiting for the rumored Pro updates, and I think that will shed the light we need. Honestly the only reason I cover this is because Kuo mentions it.

Moving on to Google, on a very interesting twist of events.. Let’s discuss the company’s next event or should I say events. Google usually hosts their Pixel Keynotes in October and with the Pixel 6 being announced and promoted already, every rumor pointed to that announcement happening some time next month but, it looks like we can expect more than just that. On a now deleted article from CNET that was spotted by XDA Developers, they’re talking about a Google Event set to happen on October 5th. However, to everyone’s surprise, we won’t be getting a Pixel on this date. Instead the article mentions how they will focus on Nest, Travel, and Map products this time around. But, for those of you looking for a Pixel Date, Mishaal then went on to find a GCam flag that might reveal the real launch date for the Pixel 6 Series. Apparently this flag was reportedly changed to October 27th 2021 on his device which has Pixel 6 Pro props. After this date, it will prompt the user in-app for an update hinting that there will be a phone by then. He claims that an October 19th launch followed by an October 27th release date seems plausible. That same release date string is empty on his other Pixel phones so apparently something is bound to happen on the 27th.. So yeah, 2 possible events from Google this month, one happening very soon focused on speakers and their other services, with the Pixel happening later. Are you guys excited? because I am.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to come with a built-in S Pen

But finally, for the hottest news today, let’s go back to Samsung but, it looks like Galaxy S22 leaks are starting to get serious as we have a ton of ground to cover today. And I actually like where this is going. Let’s start off with the name and then move on to design, you’ll see why. According to tipster Chun, the new line up will consist of the Galaxy S22, the S22 Pro which will replace the Plus, and then the Galaxy Note 22 Ultra, replacing the S22 Ultra. And with the S22 Ultra now being called Note, Ice Universe is claiming that multiple sources of information all point to the same conclusion which is: the built-in S Pen of the S22 Ultra can be 100% determined. We also have our first renders from OnLeaks and Ice Universe for the entire line up. According to these renders, the S22 and the Pro or Plus will follow up on the exact same design we have at the moment, with the triple camera array at the back and the punch hole at the front. When it comes to the Ultra, we get a squared off design that’s very reminiscent of the Note 20 Series and we’re also getting some new camera housing. There’s two possible designs, one being this sort of P module with 4 different lenses and the laser autofocus, which is what OnLeaks designed. And then Ice Universe’s take has the cameras separated with three on one array and then the 4th lens, the flash and the laser autofocus would be next to them but on a different little module, kind of like the P20 Pro.. These leaks show off a red color variant that looks pretty hot. But most importantly, they also show that this device does bring a slot for the S Pen at the bottom. So yeah, the regular variants will remain essentially the same but, it looks like Samsung is really taking the whole merging the Note with the S thing serious, but now with a more logical name and a very interesting approach to it.


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