Gen Z Rap’s Reluctant Star Lil Tecca Is Back Like He Never Left With ‘We Love You Tecca 2’

I’ve listened to the new album so much that I woke up this morning with Trippie’s voice singing, “Choppa shoot the loudest” in my head.

[Laughs] It’s a fire song. Me and Trippie did that in L.A. maybe five months ago.

And the first version I heard, Chief Keef wasn’t on it. But I know he’s a hero of yours, so that must mean a lot, having him on there.

Yeah Keef just hopped on like a week ago. But it was lit, bro. Cause I suggested having him on it! So when it happened, it felt good.

The line in “Money On Me” that says, “I don’t even want that Rollie, I don’t take it that serious” – has your relationship to money and fame changed these last few years?

Yeah, a whole lot. I just got to accept it. Cause like, there was a point where I didn’t know if I was doing anything, like I just didn’t know if this was for real.

Even after “Ransom” broke?

No, especially when “Ransom” came out! Like I was just confused, I didn’t know if this was really for real. And so I had to really just accept it, just take it for what it is, and not question it.

“Ransom” is that kind of a monster hit that people dream of, but I wonder sometimes if for some artists it becomes this huge thing that you feel like you’ve got to get out from under. Is there a downside to having something blow up like that song did?

It depends on your mindset. Because, at the end of the day, I made “Ransom.” Like – I made the biggest song of 2019! And so that song motivates me every day to make a song bigger than that! Why would you downplay yourself because you made something great?

“Investigation” for me is one of the most revealing tracks on this record. At one point in it, you say “Motivation, overrated.”

Yeah. Because basically, motivation is just another emotion that is volatile. It can go up and down. So if you live your life all on emotion, then you’re waiting on a feeling to come before you go and actually chase what you want. So why not be driven? People will sit around and wait for motivation to knock on their brain, like, “Here’s the time to do it!” and it’s like, no! Just do it now!

At the same time you don’t strike me as super competitive in the sense of “I’ve got to have more followers” or “I’ve got to do better numbers than that person.”

I mean, I’m in my own world. Because, bruh, at the end of the day, anything could happen to anyone tomorrow. And if the last thing you thought of is how good your Instagram is doing, or how good your numbers on a platform are doing – what did you really value in life? I just want to make sure I am happy for the right reasons, and not for a number. Because numbers will never stop. It’s a never-ending chase. And it’s the worst chase in the world, like, you might have a thousand today, you might have five million tomorrow. And it’s just – I like to be content.

Other than music – and basketball – was there ever any other career path you considered? Something unrelated to music?

Heart surgeon!

Heart surgeon? I thought you hated school. That’s a lot of school.

[Laughs] Yeah. I know. But I was just gonna say, “Fuck it!” – if I didn’t make it as a rapper, I was just gonna say, “Fuck it, I have no other choice but to be a heart surgeon.”

We Love You Tecca 2 is out August 27th Assuming he doesn’t end up in med school, Tecca should tour the album in 2022.

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