Google Messages may change the way Android receives iMessage reactions

According to a new report from 9to5Google, Google Messages may be receiving an update that will slightly enhance the messaging experience on the Android end. As per the outlet’s “APK Insight”, code has been found in the most recent version of Google Messages that would show iMessage ‘reactions’ as emoji’s within Google Messages.

If an iPhone user sends a message to a phone number that’s on Android, the conversation will be carried on the SMS protocol since iOS doesn’t support RCS and iMessage isn’t supported on Android. iMessage users can send ‘reactions’ to text messages, but if a reaction is sent to an Android user, the user receives a text message back that simply says “Liked ‘I am doing great!’”.

In the newest beta version of Google Messages 10.7, the following code was found:


Show iPhone reactions as emoji


The report suggests that Google Messages would receive the SMS messages from the iPhone as normal, but would recognize when a reaction is being sent from iMessage and would apply an emoji reaction to the corresponding message.

Additionally, another string of text suggests Google Messages may remind you of a contact’s birthday. Basically, if Messages sees that a contact’s information contains a birthday, it would remind you, perhaps with an animated banner, to “Wish them a Happy Birthday!”. This could be displayed either within the conversation window, or the conversation list.


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