Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera and Price LEAKED, New iPhone 13 Features & more! (video)

The official news today begin with some new flagship announcements from Honor and they’re good and bad! So… Get this. the company just launched the Magic 3 lineup and it’s pretty packed. We’re talking Magic 3, Magic 3 Pro and Pro+. Focusing on the Pro+, it brings a 6.67-inch curved OLED display that runs at 120Hz and also brings HDR10+ support. As for major evolutions, it’s powered by the Snapdragon 888+, 12 Gigs of RAM, half a terabyte of storage and a 4600 mAh battery. It brings a massive, and I mean massive 5 camera array that consists of a 50MP main sensor, a 64MP ultra wide, a 64MP telephoto, a 64MP monochrome shooter and a huge ToF sensor for clear portrait shots. Honor is calling this design iconic and I mean it stands out for sure. It runs Magic UI 5 on top of Android 11 but, since the phone is headed to China but that’s where things get tricky. So, it seems that not even that Qualcomm chip is helping Honor here. If you remember, Honor separated from Huawei last November, and even after all that, the US might include Honor in their Entity List. This means that they might once again lose access to Google Services, and who knows if that chip for future launches. We’ll see how the story develops because this would be really sad to see.

Let’s move on to iPhones for a couple of segments, and you’ll see why. First, let start with the cameras! We have a new report from Bloomberg and Mark Gurman that sheds some light on what features Apple plans to add for the “Pros”. Gurman starts off by saying that Cupertino will introduce Portrait Mode for video, which will allow you to record a bokeh effect behind your subject, and keep in mind that iOS 15 does support Portrait Mode for FaceTime so, it’s safe to say this feature will definitely make the cut. Apparently Apple is also planning to bring ProRes video to the iPhone, which would let you record in a higher quality format and offer more editing controls than what we currently have, similar to how ProRaw works for photos with the 12 Series, though no, this is not Raw video. To conclude with the camera capabilities, apparently we can also expect a more advanced iteration of photo filters for photographers. See, instead of applying the filter to the whole picture, you’ll be able to precisely apply filters to objects and people across the photo by using AI, without changing the entire picture. And as somewhat of a recap, Gurman reconfirms that the new iPhones will feature the faster A15 chip, a smaller notch, and new display technology that will finally enable 120Hz. On previous reports he also mentioned that we might be getting an Always On Display and even if he didn’t mention it this time around, we’re still expecting it to come.

But, moving on from just the cameras, let’s talk about the company’s outline to release these iPhones. We have a new report from TrendForce that details what we’ll be getting in the next couple of months from Apple and also gives us more information on other specs. The report starts off by mentioning that one of the notable hardware upgrades is the new A15 Bionic which will be a faster and more efficient 5nm+ chip. Apparently we can expect mmWave 5G support in more countries as well as a new space-saving build on the inside which will allow for larger batteries. And yes, we’ve covered most of these rumors in the past so it kinda just serves as confirmation. When it comes to price tags, TrendForce is claiming that the 13 Series will be priced similarly to the iPhone 12 Series, and things should go smoother for Apple this year when it comes to production. Apparently we can expect it in the typical September time frame as opposed to last year where it was delayed until October due to the pandemic. And on an interesting twist, there’s a SellCell survey out there claiming 44% of iPhone users intend to upgrade to an iPhone 13 model with 120Hz refresh rate being the most anticipated feature so, let’s see what we get next month.

Finally, for the hottest news today let’s shift gears and talk about some Google Pixel 6 leaks believe it or not. Yes, we know that Google revealed almost everything about the Pixel 6 Series last week but they were pretty vague about what we’re getting with the cameras. So far the rumors pointed to the main camera being a 50MP sensor from Samsung and it looks like that will be the case. On the latest Beta of Android 12 a string of code pretty much confirms this by mentioning “p21” which is the Pixel 6 Series attached to a “gn1_wide” which is Sammy’s latest 50MP ISOCELL sensor. This sensor was unveiled back in May rocking 1.2μm-sized pixels before binning and we’ve seen it on phones like the vivo X60 Pro+. Now, something important to keep in mind here is that Samsung is reportedly manufacturing the custom Sensor chip we’re expecting in the 6 Series, where Google says we should expect some great improvements in processing since they control everything. Moving on from the cameras for a second, another thing Google didn’t discuss was what the price would be for the 6 Series. Well, Rick Osterloh recently went on an interview with a German Magazine where he confirmed that the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro would be priced in the “expensive” and “upper” segment. This means they could cost the same as iPhones and the Galaxy S Series. That said, if we’re honest, all the leaks sound good enough to probably warrant the price.


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