Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera Results Look GREAT, Facebook Whistleblower Scandal & more! (video)

The official news today start with major software updates that simply decided to happen at the same time, for some odd reason. Starting with Microsoft, they just announced that Windows 11 is now generally available to the public, so depending on where you are you can get it. On a weird kind of rollout, instead of launching it at the same time, it will roll out whenever it becomes October 5th for your time zone so make sure to stay on the look for that. On the other hand Google just released Android 12 as well! We usually get the latest version of Android with the new Pixel Series but, it seems that they’re taking a different route this year too. For anyone who wants to download it, it is available on the Android Open Source Project where you can read the official release notes, letting you know of everything coming to your new device. Google also said that it is coming to a device near you starting with Pixels in the next few weeks, Galaxy, OnePlus, OPPO and other devices later this year. We have dedicated articles for both of these in the links in the description so you can check out everything you need to know.

And listen, if you notice we haven’t posted about all that on social media, that’s because Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp have been down most of the day, with possible DNS issues being called. But here’s the thing, even Twitter has been acting weird, and the same goes for Telegram. Now since we already have Facebook as a topic… let’s shift to some disturbing facts. So, the Facebook Whistleblower that leaked “tens of thousands” of pages of internal documents that expose Facebook’s true business motives was confirmed to be Frances Haugen. She was recently interviewed by 60 minutes, plans to testify before Congress, and also filed 8 complaints to the SEC. She’s alleging that Facebook lied to shareholders about their product, by exposing a conflict of interest on what’s good for Facebook as a company and what’s good for society at large. She revealed internal studies that show how Facebook’s algorithm intentionally favors controversial topics and even misinformation as it drives more interaction, which in turn benefits Facebook. She also shows how after the US election, the whole Civic Integrity was dissolved even before the US Capitol mess in early January. She also goes on to talk about how they only identify a tiny, and I mean tiny fraction of hate and misinformation on the platform, by only doing 3-5% of hate, and less than 1% of violence. They’re also aware that Instagram is bad for teenagers, with 17% of teenage girls saying it makes there eating disorders worse and even provokes thoughts of suicide, as it drives more insecurity. Thing is, regardless of how much you guys know I’ve lost respect for Facebook and its assets, this is a full piece on the Wall Street Journal and 60 minutes. I do recommend you have a look.

Moving on to Cupertino, let’s talk about things we can expect from them this month. Starting with some official news, after the company announced the Apple Watch Series 7, they simply said it was coming later this Fall with no pre-order or official launch date. Well, earlier today, they announced that the Series 7 will be available for pre-orders on October 8th at 5am Pacific. It’ll start shipping a week later and will be available in stores on October 15th. If you wanna see a hands-on of these watches that just got leaked, I’ll have a link to that in the description. But, going back to leaks, let’s talk about MacBooks. Yes, it’s been a minute since we’ve discussed the M1X MacBook Pros but Mark Gurman has some more information on when we can expect them. According to his latest report, Apple is on schedule with the M1X MacBook Pros which will launch some time “in the next month”. And Apple typically announces new Macs or MacBook Pros in October so he might be right this time. The latest macOS Monterey beta also shows two new computers with display resolutions that aren’t available at the moment, pretty much saying that these are real after all. Gurman also talks a bit about the M1X chip, which he calls a more graphics-intense and professional-focused M1 chip. Apparently the M1X has been developed in two variants both with 10 CPU cores and then either 16 or 32 graphics cores. Just as a recap we can also expect these Macs to rock a new design, with a smaller chassis, a miniLED display, more ports like an SD card slot and an HDMI port and no Touch Bar. Let’s just hope Mark Gurman is right about this launch date so I can, use a single dongle instead of 3.

And finally, for the hottest news today, let’s talk about Pixels.. Even with no official dates, Google has been heavily teasing that the Pixel is coming soon through ads and billboards and naturally, the amount of leaks have been spiking. Now we have a hands on video, sample images and a ton of information from This Is Tech Today. On the hands on video, he shows the 6 Pro with the Android 12 Display Settings open, showing off the curved panel. For those of you who don’t like extremely curved displays, don’t worry, he compares it to the Galaxy S21 Ultra and they don’t go too deep into the edges of the screen. We also got an image of the front facing earpiece which brings a cutout unlike what we got last year with the Pixel 5. He also shows us a screen recording of the camera where we can see the zoom capabilities that go from 0.7x to 4x for photography. The camera settings look the same from current devices but, portrait mode now allows for you to shoot in both 2.8x and 1x. He also shows a couple of camera samples along with the metadata to confirm that this is the Pixel 6 Pro. We got to see some zoom images as well as portrait photos, where we get to see a ton of detail from these images and even a video that honestly looks pretty good. Pretty smooth stabilization but, it does have some issues. And hey, this is a pre-production unit so we’re not gonna judge yet. So yes, now we get to see the curved display, some of the camera capabilities. All we need now is a launch.


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