GQ Men of the Year: Here’s How You Make a Literal Medal for Dressing Well

Your job must involve a lot of running around. But, to be honest, Uncut Gems is really my only reference point.

Greg Yuna: Uncut Gems was about a diamond district jeweler, but he was also a chronic gambler. Not all jewelers do that. That’s a guy who had a chronic gambling problem and got into a world of shit. But yeah, we do a lot of running around—what you see there on that block [in the movie] is what we do.

Okay, and I assume you know Mike Francesa.

Of course, yes.

How is the GQ Big Fit of the Year award coming along? Do you have it now?

I don’t have it in hand, but I will have it. But here’s what they were looking like in the wax. [Holds up purple mold] That’s the front. That’s the back.

And then is it going to be a chain?

It’s gonna be like a medallion like they do in the Olympics with that ribbon.

GQ’s art department came up with the initial design, right?

They sent it the way they wanted it. I’m basically freaking the rest.

What do you mean when you say freaking it?

Basically putting the metal where it goes, and putting the diamonds where I feel.

How long does something like this usually take?

To pump something out like this usually takes about four to six weeks from beginning to end.

I assume that your job involves a lot of last-minute requests, though.

It’s always last-minute requests. I never get a break, ever.

Courtesy of Greg Yüna and Suresh Gordon

What sort of metals and diamonds are you using on this?

So on this, we went silver with a gold plate, with real diamonds. I added my little flair to it and we did the diamonds. I was like, we can’t go all the way silver and nothing else, so let’s just add some stones to it and make it sexy.

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