In Praise of the Sunday Night Shave

Lather Up

Your standard gel or aerosol shaving foams can be thin, slightly sticky and tend to dry out your skin. They might be fine for quick, daily shaves but for this slower Sunday night shave, we suggest something more luxurious. Something that’s rich and creamy (but not as involved or messy as a badger hair brush and some old school shaving soap). We like Port Products’ highly concentrated shave cream. Formulated with hydrating avocado, coconut oil and aloe, it creates an ultra-slick, no foam, protective layer for easy swipes of the blade. Soothing willow bark extract adds anti-inflammatory properties which calms down irritation. Plus, a little goes a long way.

Face Saving Shave cream,
$22 by Port Products

Shave … Slowly

This is the benefit of shaving on Sunday evening. You’ve got nowhere to go. Take your time and do this right. Pull the skin slightly taut, and use short, slow strokes. Thoroughly rinse the razor under hot water after each pass to keep the blade clean and sharp. And use caution when shaving those stray hairs on the top of your cheek. The sensitive skin and curve of your face create a hot zone for tiny cuts and irritation. Of course, you can use any razor you’re comfortable with but Harry’s remains a favorite due to its affordable pricing, high performance and user-friendly ergonomics.

Winston zinc razor,
$14.69 by Harry’s

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