Lana Condor Reveals Favorite Nail-Care Routine, Products, and Tips — Interview

The adorable set she’s wearing — a mix-and-match selection of pastel pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple nail wraps with a bit of negative space at the bottom — is fittingly named Candy Village (pictured on Condor above). “You match [each wrap] up to the size of your nail, take it off, apply it, cut it based on whatever shape you want, cure it, file it and then you’re done,” she explains. “It’s so easy. That should be the title of the article: ‘People, You Can Do This.'”

Condor’s application tips are right on the money — and yes, it really is that easy. As nail artist Holly Falcone once explained to Allure, you should always start by washing your hands and wiping your nails down with acetone (regardless of whether or not you’ve already got polish on). After trimming your selected nail wraps down to roughly the same length of your fingernail, “apply the sticker as close to your cuticle as possible, then use your other fingers to pat it down. Finish by filing off any excess wrap, and then blow-dry the nails to adhere the sticker to the nail to ensure they don’t move,” Falcone advises. 

The Dashing Diva Glaze wraps that Condor wears just require the extra step of curing under a UV lamp like a gel nail polish. That said, their removal process is ultimately the same as any other nail wrap — just apply plenty of cuticle oil around the base and use a wooden cuticle stick to gradually push (please, for the love of Peter Kavinsky, do not peel or rip) the wrap off of the nail. 

Dashing Diva Glaze Art Studio Nail Strips in Candy Village

Static Nails x Urban Outfitters Tortoise Shell Reusable Press-On Manicure

Using products like these is how Condor stays on top of the endless nail-art trends she sees on social media. “I’ve seen so [many manicures where] each nail is different, or your pointer and your ring and your pinky fingers are the same but your middle and your thumb are different,” she says. “And I predict that in the fall, amber tones [will trend].”

At least, that’s what she hopes will happen because she loves a tortoiseshell manicure moment — specifically, Dasing Diva’s Glaze strips in Cloud Amber, another one of her favorites. (I’d also be remiss not to mention Static Nails’s press-ons, which also come in a tortoiseshell pattern). Even if her trend forecast isn’t accurate, she’s going to wear her favorite designs anyway, dammit. “I’m manifesting it to be ‘in’ for fall, but who honestly cares,” Condor laughs. “Just make it ‘in’ for yourself, you guys.”

Much as I and the rest of the Allure staff love to stay on top of every season’s burgeoning manicure trends, Condor makes a really convincing case to wear whatever the hell I want regardless — and that’s advice I’ll definitely be taking her up on come fall. 

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