Mark Ronson Proves the Nike Killshot 2 Is Still A Winner

Visiting Late Night with Seth Meyers last week, Mark Ronson anchored a showstopper of a suit—strong shoulders, brash peak labels, deep two-inch cuffs—with a curious pair of sneakers. They weren’t the latest red-hot retro Jordan, or the type of rare collaborative release that lines the shelves at Stadium Goods. No, they were the Nike Killshot 2, a widely-beloved, sometimes-derided sneaker that’s become internet shorthand for a certain type of menswear fan. When Nike reintroduced the silhouette in 2012, selling it exclusively through a partnership with J.Crew, it couldn’t have anticipated the level of frenzied discussion the style would generate. But somehow the sneaker lodged itself in the menswear subconscious at a time when selvage-clad enthusiasts wouldn’t even sniff at a pair of shoes unless they were made out of shell cordovan—and it’s stuck around ever since.

The Killshot’s appeal isn’t that hard to explain: it’s simple, imminently wearable, and frankly, a little bit safe (incidentally, a not-inaccurate proxy for what the stylistic landscape writ large looked like when they debuted). It’s also proved weirdly enduring. Since it dropped nearly a decade ago, the sneaker’s racked up a roster of high-profile fans including, as of last week, one particularly well-coiffed DJ, producer, and feted clothes-wearer. 

At first glance, Ronson’s outfit might not seem all that revolutionary, but it represents a powerful merging of two distinct, sometimes warring, menswear factions. It’s proof that the simplest footwear can peacefully coexist alongside the wildest designer duds. It’s proof that you should probably try your hand at wearing a suit again. But most important, it’s proof that the Killshot ain’t dead yet, and it’s easy as ever to pull off—provided you do so with the considerable finesse of a Grammy-winning multihyphenate with a penchant for swanky, ‘80s-inspired tailoring.

To no one’s surprise, the Nike Killshot 2 is in limited supply at the moment [*shakes head in exasperation*] but it happens to be in stock in a near-full run of sizes (and at a slight markup) on Amazon. (If you want the exact green makeup Ronson was wearing, you’ll need to pay an even bigger premium over at StockX.) Fork over the extra moolah now and then keep your eyes peeled for a restock on Nike’s site so you never have to worry about succumbing to the aftermarket again.

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