MediaTek’s Pentonic 2000 is the world’s first 7nm TV chip, decodes 8K@120Hz

MediaTek is on fire these days. After announcing its flagship Dimensity 9000 SoC for smartphones, the company is now announcing its flagship TV chipset – the Pentonic 2000. And it appears that this silicon is the world’s first in many aspects.

First and foremost, this is the first 7nm chip for TVs and is based on TSMC’s node. Secondly, it’s the first to commercial TV chipset to support Versatile Video Coding (VVC) for H.266 content. That’s a new codec with improved compression efficiency, mainly for streaming and broadcasting media. HEVC, VP9 and VS3 are also on the list of natively supported encodings.

The chip is so powerful that it can run 8K resolution at 120Hz with support for MEMC in this resolution. Upscaling non-8K content to the TVs maximum resolution is also possible and MediaTek says it’s AI-powered. Support for UFS 3.1 storage makes things even snappier.

Connectivity-wise, the chip supports the Wi-Fi 6E standard while 5G remains optional in case some TV OEMs decide to include that feature.

The first Pentonic 2000-powered TVs are expected to arrive sometime in 2022.’s,unparalleled%20performance%20and%20power%2Defficiency.&text=Pentonic%202000%20is%20the%20first,Video%20Coding%20(VVC)%20H.

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