Men’s Ties Are Bold, Brash, and Better Than Ever

The last couple of years haven’t been too kind to men’s ties. Even before quarantine sent Big Tie shares tumbling, its stock was already in free fall. (Why yes, that is an extended finance-related metaphor. We know our audience here.) Suddenly, the once ubiquitous accessory seemed destined to go the way of the pocket square: a relic of the not-too-distant past saved from extinction by the type of dude who routinely gets into heated arguments with complete strangers on Styleforum. 

But then an odd thing happened. Stylish guys started wearing ties again—for the sheer fun of it. Call it a natural reaction to the mass casualization of the workplace. Call it a primal need to dress up again after so many months hunkered down in sweats. Wearing a tie—because you want to, not because you have to—officially emerged as one of the coolest swerves of 2021. (Heck, no less venerable a streetwear institution than Stüssy introduced its own logo-heavy version last year—and it’s currently reselling for six times the asking price.)

Thankfully, throwing on a tie today needn’t involve a taut four-in-hand with a deep dimple or a button-up with a wide spread collar. Loosen the neck a little. Let that knot hang low. Try pairing a trippy foulard with an Oxford-cloth shirt, crisply-pressed slacks, and a fuzzy shetland sweater. Or a schoolboy-ish repp with a point collar dress shirt and a nubby vintage blazer. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, either: Who says brash polka dots can’t play nice with subtle plaids? Getting a little freaky is the point! (Except when it comes to bow ties. Bow ties should still be reserved for occasions that call for a tux. Trust us on this one.) 

To help you knot up like a pro, we scavenged the web to find 19 of the weirdest, wildest, and all around flyest men’s ties on the market right now. All we ask is that you wear ’em accordingly. A great tie is a terrible thing to waste.

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