Motorola roadmap reveals when next Moto smartwatch is coming

Earlier this year, in February, we saw leaked investor presentations revealing the roadmap for Motorola-branded devices. According to those documents, Motorola was supposed to unveil three branded smartwatches, but the deadlines have slipped, and the new Moto Watch 100 may get announced sooner than you might have thought.

eBuyNow, a Canadian company first released the Motorola-branded Moto 360 (3rd-generation) back in 2020 under a licensing deal that was signed with Motorola. Recently, the company also signed a 1-year extension, which means that the company can produce new products until December 2025.

According to an investor press release (via 9to5Google), the brand new ‘Moto Watch 100’ will be the latest addition to wear the brand’s name and logo, and it will be “designed for an entry-level price point” with a “premium feeling.” The new Moto Watch 100 is “scheduled to begging mass production in November 2021.”

Another presentation reveals that the “Moto Watch 100” is also referred to as the “Moto G Smartwatch,” which may have been planned to be available in June. The smartwatch features a round display, and it has two overall buttons on the right side. There are no other buttons, rotating bezel, or a crown to make scrolling easier.


It’s not currently clear whether the smartwatch will run WearOS 3.0, but it’s unlikely to ship with that. However, it is likely that the watch will qualify to receive the new OS update, assuming it comes with a supported chipset. Another regulatory certification reveals that the watch will be 5 ATM rated (water resistance), feature a GPS and heart rate sensor, and come in an aluminum chassis. The Moto Watch 100 will be available in Phantom Black and Steel Silver color options, and it’ll have Bluetooth 5.2 and a 355 mAh battery. 

The roadmap also mentions the Moto Watch 200 and the Moto Watch 100S, which are likely in development at this stage, and they’re supposed to be released sometime in Q1 2022 as “mid-level” products. Looking at the leaked image, the Watch 200 looks a lot like a rebranded Apple Watch. The Moto M360 was supposed to be released in “2020-Q3 2021”, although we haven’t heard anything about it, and the 4th generation hasn’t been revealed.

Roland Udvarlaki

Roland is a technology enthusiast and software engineer based in United Kingdom. He is also a content creator and writer, and is best known under the name “Techusiast”.

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