New MacBook (Air) could arrive with white bezels and a notch

We are still several months away from the possible launch of the new MacBook Air, but it seems that the latest Apple Unleashed event has given leakers more to talk about. I can’t deny that Apple’s decision to include a notch in the display of the latest 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models took me by surprise. And I believe that I wasn’t the only one shocked by this design idea. Whatever the case, it seems that the new iteration of Apple’s lightest laptop may pack white bezels and a white notch.

According to well-known leaker Dylandkt, the Apple’s lightest laptop will undergo some rather important changes. First, he suggests that the MacBook Air would cease to exist, as it would be announced simply as the new MacBook. This new laptop would be released in the middle of 2022, and it would share several features from the recently announced MacBook Pro models, including a MagSafe connector, a 1080p webcam, a 30W power adapter, USB-C port, and no fans.

The new MacBook would also feature similar color options to the ones we can choose from in the 24-inch iMac. And just like the iMac, Apple users would receive a device with white bezels and white keys n the new keyboard with full-sized function keys.

“The design will be similar to the new MacBook Pro while being thinner, lighter. There will be a binned option under the configuration options. Multiple external display support will be available, at least 2 displays. The color options will be similar to the iMac 24.”

He also mentions that the new MacBook will likely get a mini-LED display, but don’t expect features such as ProMotion, Face ID, an SD card reader, a tapered design, or an HDMI port. However, Dylan doesn’t have information that can confirm whether the new laptop will have a notch or not.

He also expects Apple to increase the starting price point of the new laptop, which may not be so bad, considering that the current MacBook Air goes for $999, the 13-inch Pro can be found as low as $1,350, and the more powerful M1 Pro-powered models start at $2,000.

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