Olivia Rodrigo Wears Eight Wildly Different Hair Looks in the “Brutal” Music Video

Well, folks, the moment Gen Z — and millennials who are probably a little too invested in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series — has arrived. Olivia Rodrigo released the anticipated music video for her song “Brutal,” and it did not dissappoint, especially in the beauty department. In the video, the singer/songwriter dons not just one but eight different hair looks: an ice-blue lob with baby bangs, a topknot with purple streaks, a platinum bob with blunt bangs, a copper, shoulder-length bob with beach waves, waist-length braids, space buns, waist-length blonde curls, and high pigtails with magenta accents (whew). 

Needless to say, that’s a lot of damn hair, but it all comes with a purpose. Each hairstyle represents a different character played by Rodrigo, including but not limited to a pop star, an influencer, a newscaster, and a ballerina — a perfect fit for a song about living under constant pressure from peers, social media, media in general, and the entertainment industry. You can see some of our personal favorites from the video below, or continue scrolling to watch the video in full.

Geffen Records
Geffen Records
Geffen Records
Geffen Records

No one should be all that surprised that Rodrigo would pull out so many intriguing hairstyles for what will undoubtedly be her most popular video yet. She has, afterall, recently experimented with bubble ponytails, space buns, statement accessories, and all sorts of braids on Instagram

As far as what’s next for her hair, though, we can never be sure — and that’s why we’ll be waiting here with bated breath to find out. 

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