Oprah’s Favorite Things 2021 on Amazon: 15 Black-Owned, BIPOC-Owned, Women-Owned Beauty Brands to Buy

Every year, during the holiday season, Oprah Winfrey famously rounds up her favorite things just in time for everyone’s holiday shopping to kick into high gear. In 2021, we could probably use a heavy sprinkling of all the joy this thoughtful curation brings. This year, the list is all the more special because the vast majority of her picks are from small businesses owned by entrepreneurs that identify as Black, women, or people of color. The list includes some more well-known brands like Mented Cosmetics and more under-the-radar ones like Bossy Cosmetics and Flamingo Estate

Conveniently, all of her favorite things are available on Amazon, so you can order them and get Prime two-day shipping — which is ideal for any last-minute, procrastinating shoppers. And what better excuse is there to start your holiday shopping early than “Oprah told me to?” Of course, while the friends and family you’re shopping for will love these gift ideas, you’ll probably see some items you want for yourself, so you might as well slip two of everything into your cart, just to be safe. Don’t delay, either, as we’re almost certain these picks will be hard to come by once they become a best-selling item.

While the items on Oprah’s Favorites Things typically include cookware, loungewear, and pet-themed accessories, we’re of course most interested in her beauty and wellness picks. After all, self-care is more important than ever these days. Read on to see how to pamper yourself like Oprah and dole out some seriously great gifts and gift sets to your loved ones. (And check out the full list at oprahdaily.com afterwards or at your leisure.)

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