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You’ve likely heard that multitasking is problematic and that it actually distracts you and prevents you from being efficient. But the kitchen is one place where you’re able to tackle multiple tasks and easily come out ahead. Sure, you learn to work faster, but you’ll also become much more methodical about what tasks can overlap to save you time, effort and additional dishes.

Order Is Key

Chefs will tell you that prep lists are helpful for determining your game plan. You don’t need to write out a game plan, but making sure you’ve read through a recipe a few times ensures you understand the order of what needs to be done, which will help you efficiently get through your meal. Also, it will prevent you from doubling up dishes. For instance, you can use the food processor to shred Parmesan since you’ll use it to blend your pesto.

Podcast illustration

Add a Layer
of Education

Why not play a favorite podcast or audio book while you cook? It helps you enjoy the process a bit more by adding in some culture that you could later use for dinnertime conversation.

Don’t Waste
Boiling Water

When you’ve got a pot of salted water boiling for pasta, throw in a few eggs for the last six to eight minutes. You can always use a few hard-boiled eggs, right? Or use the water to blanch veggies for a few minutes before tossing in your pasta. That way you don’t dirty up another pot, and don’t worry, there’s no transferring of flavors.

OXO 8-Piece Smart Seal Glass Storage Set
OXO 8-Piece Smart Seal Glass Storage Set

Utilize Storage Containers

If you upgrade your storage containers to glass bowls, they become much more versatile. You can mix in them, serve in them and store leftovers—sometimes all in the very same bowl. The plain glass is good looking enough to be brought out to the table and the clear design makes it easy to see what you’ve got in the fridge.

8-Piece smart seal glass storage set, $29.99 by OXO

Double a Recipe
for the Freezer

If you’re making soups, curries, pasta sauces or meatballs, double your recipe and divvy up half for the freezer. These little packages from the past are a huge gift to your future self.

Prep Your Busywork

If you’ve got downtime while pasta boils or something roasts in the oven, use that time to prep a few time-consuming tasks to speed up future meal prep. Peel your garlic, chop up some veggies or rinse and trim your greens.

Roasted garlic illustration
Roasted garlic illustration

Pack Your Pans

Roasting vegetables? Take advantage of a hot oven and wrap a head of garlic in foil and roast it to later use in sauces, garlic bread or mashed potatoes. And speaking of potatoes, maybe toss in some foil-wrapped sweet potatoes to reheat for another day’s lunch or dinner.

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