Our Favorite Video Game Systems (And Games) to Play Right Now

It’s all in the grip. Human society has progressed to the point of placing every aspect of modern life — friendship, finance, politics, health, sex, restaurant-quality cuisine, prestige television, astral feedback — into the literal palms of our hands. You know exactly what I am talking about, because the odds are two out of three that you’re reading this on your phone right now! The bad news is that, nowadays, you can do anything with the right hand. The good news is, nowadays, you can do anything with the right hand. Or with the left.

All you need is a good controller. The Nintendo Switch’s candy-colored Joy-Cons snap on and off a portable console like Legos, and are capable of transporting a user to galaxies unknown and dimensions uncharted. For something slightly more terrestrial, there’s the Oculus Quest 2, which comprises a headset and twin Touch controllers. Current game options allow players to transport themselves to Pompeii, Chernobyl, the parks of Washington State, or the blanched-sand beaches of your mind’s eye. Maybe you just want to drive a four-wheeler around the jungles of Mexico? You can do that on Xbox’s Series S, and you can also watch movies.

It’s difficult to explain how one appendage became the nexus of human life, and it’s certainly too complicated for a short introduction to a photo story pairing manicures with the latest and greatest controllers that technology has to offer. Did our intelligent designer realize that, sooner or later, it would all come down to the fleshy palms of our hands? Impossible to say for sure, but thank God(s) they included an escape key.

Oculus Quest 2 and Touch controller 

Best Beds The manicures shown here have not been game-play tested, but a coat or two of industrial-grade Seche Vite will ensure your nails don’t quit before you do. Or take a page from the pros: Nail artist Honey, whose creativity is on display here, prefers low-impact games like The Sims. Relationship games, as opposed to zombie-slaying options, are her favorites: “I’m a nerd like that.” Ananya Fine Jewelry bracelet.

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