0.27 Carat Diamond Earrings for Women 10K White Gold Round-Shape (G-H-I Color, SI Clarity) Butterfly Diamond Earrings for Women


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Product Description

Butterfly Diamond EarringsButterfly Diamond Earrings

Butterfly Diamond Earrings

0.27 Carat Diamond Earrings for Women 10K White Gold Round-Shape (G-H-I Color, SI Clarity)

These stunning earrings are studded with natural white diamonds. Everyday Glam: Embellished with dazzling diamonds, these dainty butterfly studs are an effortless way to add sparkle to any outfit. Brand: From stunning sterling silver gemstone earrings and pendants to luxurious gold and diamond earrings, necklaces, we offer a wide range of designer fine jewelry.

These stunning white gold earrings are studded with diamonds.

Makes a perfect gift for anniversary, engagement, wedding, birthday or any special occasion.

Crafted in 10K white gold.

Comes with an elegant jewelry box.

Brand logoBrand logo

Designer Diamond Earrings

Diamond earringsDiamond earrings

At Gemnomads, we are one-stop-destination for designer diamond jewelry. Our versatile diamond earrings are perfect for everyday wear and can compliment any occasion. Explore our unique and dazzling collection of sterling silver diamond earrings, gold diamond earrings, diamond studs, diamond hoops and diamond drop earrings.

We offer a wide range of pieces from earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets and many more which are crafted to perfection. Our diamond are purchased from legitimate sources complying with Kimberly process. All of our diamonds are certified by IGI (International Gemological Institute), report included with purchase.

Our Story

The story of Gemnomads started on a sultry mid afternoon, in the year 1997, in the depths of West African jungles. Our Founder, Rajeev Nighojkar was busy as the young Project Manager of one of largest and most modern cotton ginning plant being put up with latest American technology. He had spent several years on the project, shuttling between West Africa and USA, organizing the local African manpower, American technology geeks, Asian contractors and negotiating with large Chinese factories who would import the cotton from the gin and turn it into blue jeans fabric for ultimate export of garments to USA. A local miner came to meet Rajeev and offered a large chunk of gemstone to him, in exchange for a bottle of Star Beer, the popular local beer brand. Offering the beer for free, Rajeev was reluctant to take the stone, as he had no idea what its real value was.

It was only months later, that the forgotten gemstone was taken to India and shown to a diamond trader in Mumbai. Rajeev was astonished to know that this was one of the rare gemstones “Aquamarine” and its size and clarity could easily place the real value at several thousand ‘beer bottles’! The incident caught Rajeev’s inborn entrepreneurial interest, and rest is history.

The brand, headquartered in Austin Texas is spearheaded by Rajeev’s daughter Urvashi Nighojkar and takes inspirations from nature and extraordinary wonders of the world which manifest into-of-a kind pieces, adorned by our beloved customers. We collaborate with upcoming, exceptionally talented jewelry designers to create unique on-trend pieces suited to your taste.

Magnificent gemstones traveled from across the globe are set into exquisite designs with each piece crafted in-house in our socially compliant production units to ensure highest standards of quality. Since we manufacture our own jewelry, we’re able to offer high quality fine jewelry pieces at accessible prices.

We believe in giving back to the society through donations from sales of our charitable products. We also support local mining communities in several parts of the world through sustainable sourcing of genuine gemstones.


Diamond clarityDiamond clarity

A diamond’s clarity is measured by the existence or absence of visible flaws. Tiny surface blemishes or internal inclusions, even those seen under magnification, can alter the brilliance and thus affect the value. Inclusions are solids, liquids or gases that were trapped in a mineral as it is formed. Clarity levels begin with flawless (FL,IF), followed by very, very slightly included (VVS1,VVS2), slightly included (SI1-SI2), and included (I1,I2 AND I3).


Diamond caratDiamond carat

Carat refers to a diamond’s weight. One carat, the traditional unit of measurement for diamonds, is approximately 0.2 grams. You may also hear the weight of a diamond referred to in points. One carat is equivalent to 100 points, so a 75 point diamond is equal to 0.75 carats. Because they are rarer, larger diamonds have greater value per carat, so the value of a diamond rises exponentially to its size.


Diamond cut and colorDiamond cut and color

Diamond cut refers to the proportions, finish, symmetry and polish of the diamonds. These factors determine the intensity and brilliance of a diamond. A well cut diamond is well proportioned, symmetrical, and polished, these being typically the most expensive types of diamonds. The width and depth of the cut can have an effect on how light travels within the diamond and how it exits in the form of brilliance.

Depending on the hue and intensity of a diamond’s coloration, a diamond’s color can either detract from or enhance its value. Diamond color range: colorless (D,E,F), near colorless (G,H,I,J), faint (K,L,M), very light (N,O,P,Q,R), light (S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z).

Package Dimensions‏:‎3.2 x 2.4 x 2 inches; 0.63 Ounces
Item model number‏:‎RGN-DI-1056
Date First Available‏:‎October 19, 2019
Manufacturer‏:‎RGN IMPEX Pvt Ltd
Country of Origin‏:‎India

Makes a perfect gift for anniversary, engagement, wedding, birthday or any special occasion.
All our jewelry comes with a 30-day money back or exchange guarantee.
Crafted in 10 K white gold.
Comes with an elegant jewelry box.

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0.27 Carat Diamond Earrings for Women 10K White Gold Round-Shape (G-H-I Color, SI Clarity) Butterfly Diamond Earrings for Women


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