Realme’s first phone with an under-display selfie cam allegedly shows up in patent document

There has been persistent chatter within the industry that Realme is working on its first phone with an under-display camera for some time now. In fact, back in September, Realme VP Xu Qi Chase posted an image of a smartphone on Weibo that has no notch or a punch hole for the selfie camera, and he clarified in the post’s comments that the device doesn’t come with a pop-up mechanism either, meaning it is using under-display camera tech. In our recent interview with Realme’s Madhav Sheth the pop-up selfie tech was also mentioned as pretty unlikely to make a return.

In a new development, a few wireframe diagrams have now surfaced from a recent patent filing by Realme. These also show a device with no obvious spot for a selfie camera to fit, which strongly suggests an under-display selfie. Of course, there is no guarantee that the design showcased in these images is in any way indicative of the actual design of a future Realme phone. Still, the camera island certainly has a familiar look to it. With a trio of snappers and an LED flash to the side.

Realme patent images
Realme patent images
Realme patent images
Realme patent images

Realme patent images

As far as some other details we can discern from the drawings – a curve can clearly be seen on both sides of the phone – display and back. Some antenna lines are obviously marked-out on the top and bottom frames, which hint that it will be made of metal. So, this is more than likely a premium model. We can also spot separate volume buttons on the left-hand side and a slim power button on the right. No large fingerprint reader combo, which means that we can expect an under-display reader. Finally, it appears that the bottom of the device will house the SIM card tray and a USB Type-C port. No surprises there.

Hopefully, this means that an actual Realme phone with an under-display camera is inching closer and closer to and official release.


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