Sagittarius Horoscope October2021 — Love and Career Predictions

Read what your sign’s 2021 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Sagittarius personality profile. 

Happy October, you fabulous Sagittarius. You’re the sign of adventure and travel. As a result, you like to move at full speed. At the end of September, you became annoyed at how Mercury retrograde was slowing down your workflow. Don’t worry, you charismatic Sag. Mercury goes direct this month, along with a slew of other planets. But first, the sky goes dark with a hopeful new moon in diplomatic Libra on Wednesday, October 6. Because this lunar phase marks fresh starts, it’s an ideal day to press send and launch your latest brilliant business scheme. Just remember to double-check your spelling as Mercury is still retrograde for now. 

On this same date, Wednesday, October 6, Pluto, the planet of transformation, goes direct in Capricorn and your 2nd House of Finances after over five months of retrograde. During that time, the stars asked you to stop compartmentalizing emotions. It’s a coping method, Sag, but you’re not going to be able to give projects your all if you’re putting your emotions in a box for the sake of showing up at work with a tough face. Seriously, if you haven’t already, get a therapist and have vulnerable moments with loved ones. They’d be thrilled to hear from you.  

Your attention turns to your love life when romantic Venus enters your sign on Thursday, October 7. The vibes during this time will be casual, flirty, and fun. You’re an independent spirit, but even you can get bothered by all this cuffing season talk. No matter if you’re partnered or happily single, you have permission to exist in the now and make pure joy and pleasure your priority. 

Authoritative Saturn ends its retrograde, where it’s been since Sunday, May 23, on Sunday, October 10, in Aquarius and your 3rd House of Communication. This retrograde encouraged you to work on boundaries, Sagittarius — ever heard of them? You are the life of the party. You dream of being a stand-up comedian and tell the best stories, but your coworkers don’t need to hear about why you haven’t gotten laid in three months. To avoid drama, be yourself, but learn the line between telling a story and oversharing. 

The stars are lining up for Sagittarius when your ruling planet, adventurous and lucky Jupiter, goes direct on Sunday, October 17. Jupiter has been retrograde since Sunday, June 20, beginning in Pisces and your 4th House of Family, which saw you redecorating or even moving in with a partner. Now that the planet is direct, all you really need to do is slow down and notice how good you have it. Consider making a daily gratitude list or even creating a gratitude email chain with your best friends to share the things and people that matter to you most in one place. Don’t even stress about technology delays, because Mercury also goes direct on Tuesday, October 19

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