Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra back plate leaks

Oliver Cragg / Android Authority


  • A leak has surfaced showing what appears to be a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra backplate.
  • The camera module looks very different from early renders.
  • Readers who disliked the leaked renders might like this better, but it’s bound to still be divisive.

Now, we have a new leak that appears to show a real-life backplate for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Notably, it sticks with the notion that the shape of the phone could harken back to the Note line. The camera module, though, appears to be very different from early renders.

The backplate comes from Weibo, but it was retweeted by reliable industry source Steve Hemmerstoffer, aka OnLeaks. Since this isn’t his work, though, take its authenticity with a huge grain of salt.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Leaked back plate

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Back Plate Leak

The image suggests the divisive “P” module from the original renders could be wrong. Instead, Samsung could carve out an individual hole for each lens on the back of the phone. This is not unlike what LG did with the LG Velvet, which had a unique “raindrop” design for the back camera.

Judging from the backlash to those original renders we saw here and on social media, this update could be welcome news for a lot of our readers. However, it will be difficult to come to any formal conclusions until we see real-life images of the completed phone, or at the very least press renders.

What do you think? Is this design better, the same, or worse? Let us know in the poll above and hit up the comments if you have more to say.

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