Samsung Galaxy S22+ with Snapdragon 898 runs Geekbench

Here is another Snapdragon 898 scorecard from Geekbench – this one belongs to the SM-S906U, which is the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S22+. The chipset ran at the top available clock speeds, meaning 3.0 GHz for the Cortex-X2 core, 2.5 GHz for the A710 and 1.8 GHz for the A510.

The score is lower than what the 898-powered Galaxy Tab S8+ managed, but inconsistent results are not unexpected with pre-release hardware and software. Qualcomm won’t announce its new flagship chipset until November 30 and the first phones with the 898 may arrive a month later, there is time left to tweak things.

Geekbench: Samsung Galaxy S22+ (SM-S906U) with Snapdragon 898
Galaxy Tab S8+ with Snapdragon 898

Geekbench: Samsung Galaxy S22+ (SM-S906U) with Snapdragon 898 • Galaxy Tab S8+
(Snapdragon 898)

Previously, we’ve seen an Exynos 2200-powered S22+ do Geekbench, however, that one had a power-saving governor enabled, so it’s the result is useless for score comparisons. Anyway, both phones ran Android 12 with 8 GB of RAM, which will be the base configuration.

There is also a result from the SM-S901U (vanilla S22), but it is suspiciously low, so we’re not including it here). Also, keep in mind that the next-gen chipsets are based on ARMv9, so software has probably not adapted yet to make the best out of the new architecture.

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