Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 disassembly video brings a closer look at its two halves design

You’ve probably heard all about Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 by now but PBKreviews is offering us an exclusive look at the innards of the brand new clamshell foldable in his latest signature disassembly video. The procedure begins with the familiar heat gun treatment of both sides of the phone’s back which allows the back glass to be pried off.

After disconnecting the cover screen connection cable, a few screws and the battery cable we get a closet look at the top half of the device. We can see the 1.9-inch cover screen, mainboard, dual cameras and the smaller 930mAH capacity battery. It’s worth noting that taking out the battery is no easy feat as Samsung did not provide any pull-tabs so the host had to apply an alcohol solution to free it up from the adhesive.

Image source: PBKreviews

The inside area of the bottom half of the phone holds a sizeable graphite pad for thermal management as well as the second 2,370 mAh battery, speaker assembly and charging port. Lastly, we get a look at the flexible display which is extremely thin and sits atop the new and revised folding hinge. The verdict is clear, Galaxy Z Flip3 is far from an easily repairable phone, earning a 4/10 reparability rating.

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