Samsung’s new technology claims to solve one pesky 5G calling problem

Samsung today announced that it’s developed a new ‘comprehensive VoNR (Voice over New Radio) solution’ that will allow users to make and pick calls over 5G. The company said that its new 5G calling solution can be used by all mobile phone brands and network carriers worldwide.

Currently, if you’re on a 5G network, you must have noticed your phone dropping to 4G LTE during voice calls. This is because the network providers are still testing calls over 5G, known as VoNR or Voice over New Radio. Remember when 4G launched network providers switched to 3G networks for calls? This is a similar situation because, currently, 5G networks are only being used for data transmission whereas calling over 5G is still being developed and tested around the world. Like 4G, networks will eventually support calls over LTE, commonly known as VoLTE.

The VoNR technology Samsung has introduced today supports both voice call and data service using the 5G network, meaning it doesn’t require switching between networks before making a call. Samsung says “VoNR provides a higher chance of maintaining a connection in voice call as well as faster call connection times.” In addition, “users can also enjoy true 5G speeds when playing high-performance games or streaming high-quality videos even while staying on a call.”

“With a surge in the number of 5G smartphone users, there is a higher demand for various 5G technologies and services,” said Jonghan Kim, Vice President of System LSI Business at Samsung Electronics. “We will continue to deliver next-generation mobile communication technologies, including VoNR service support, that will bring users together, faster.”

You can read more about VoNR and the technology behind Samsung’s approach for 5G calling in the company’s detailed report.

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