Sandy Liang x Target: You Need to Cop a Fleece From This Womenswear Collab Immediately

Back in 2018, Sandy Liang scored a crossover hit with her signature fleece jackets: the big, bright, exceptionally pettable zip-ups—originally designed for women—instantly became a coveted grail among a certain subset of menswear aficionados. In the years since, Liang has used the momentum from that unexpected sensation to reach one major milestone after another: her first NYFW show, her first flagship store, and now, her first collaborative collection for Target.

Fans of Liang’s poppy, ‘90s-nostalgia-addled aesthetic will find plenty to love here. There are fleeces, of course—as boxy and cozy as ever, doused in oversized florals and animal prints—alongside a grip of loose-fitting work pants and delicate knits, all clocking in for $60 or less. And yes, just like her mainline, this stuff is intended for the ladies, but there is absolutely nothing stopping you from sizing up and ordering a boatload of it for yourself. We’d encourage that wholeheartedly, in fact. Here are nine of the best bits from Sandy Liang x Target to pull on all autumn.

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