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Unfortunately, the Resell products won’t be sold through MR PORTER directly. Instead, once they’re in the Reflaunt system, they’ll be listed across their network of resale sites, including eBay and Etsy. Personally, I’d like to sift through the products being sold by MR PORTER customers. But if you want that experience, you could try MARRKT, a marketplace focussed on quality pre-owned and deadstock workwear and classic niche branded menswear.

Founded by Lewis Hull, who owns The Real McCoy’s shop in London, the site looks and feels less like a consignment shop and more like a high-end retailer. You can shop the “Daily Drops” or browse by brand and find everything from RLL and Drake’s to Engineered Garments and Norse Projects—all in great condition and at deep discount. And if you’re looking to sell, simply fill out a form explaining what you’ve got. They’ll send you a shipping label to send your items to their warehouse. (For those of us outside of the UK, there’s a small shipping contribution requested.)

Similarly, Levi’s now runs a successful Secondhand program. According to the company, if everybody bought one used item this year, instead of buying new, it would save nearly 450 million pounds of waste. What started as a conscientious move to boost sustainability, resulted in an easy way to score perfectly worn-in and beat-up vintage jeans that have been professionally cleaned and cared for. In fact, it’s become so popular, that Dockers just launched their own Vintage collection of pre-loved and pre-worn pieces from the ’80s and ’90s that have been restored and repaired.

I recently cleaned out my closet. And while some stuff had to be pitched, others were bagged up for donations. But there were a few items I was hanging onto, not because I wear them, but because I loved them. A heavy chore coat that’s too thick for my Southern California lifestyle and a pair of pleated trousers that are beautifully tailored but just never quite flattered my body enough to wear them regularly. They’re too nice (and I paid too much) to simply give them away. They should go to someone who will truly appreciate them the way I did. And, you know, also pay me for them.

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