Sony smartphone division’s revenue is up 25% YoY for Q2 2021

Sony’s latest earning report is out for Fiscal Q2 2021 for three months ending on September 30 and the balance sheet shows a significant boost in sales revenue in its Mobile Communications division(includes smartphones and internet-related service business) for the quarter.

This is a 25% increase over the same quarter last year. Sony’s Mobile division earned JPY 99.1 billion (~$872.6 million) in Q2 2021 compared to JPY 79.1 billion (~$ 696.8 million). Sony reports that the increase in this division is due to “Increase in unit sales”.

Sony Xperia Pro-I and Xperia Pro

Sony’s Music and Film divisions have seen increases as well, with Sony’s Music division seeing an overall increase of 29.4% from JPY 402.2 billion (~$3.5 billion) in Q2 2020 to JPY 520.8 billion (~$4.6 billion) in the latest fiscal quarter. Sony’s overall film and TV division saw 28.9% increase YoY from JPY 360.6 billion (~$3.2 billion) in 2020 to JPY 464.9 billion (~$4.1 billion) in the same quarter in 2021.

Sony’s smartphone strategy has changed over the last couple of years, with more emphasis on premium midrange and higher-end premium smartphone offerings. The latest “prosumer” release of the Sony Xperia Pro-I is evidence of this and it looks like Sony’s relevance in the smartphone industry is bouncing back with its advances in computational photography.


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