The Best Sweaters for Men in 2021

The best sweaters for men are a lot like Pokémon: there are way more varieties than you ever realized, and the more of them you have the better. Unlike Pokémon, however, you won’t have to spend several months ignoring your family, dismantling your social life, and squinting at a Gameboy just to uncover all the essential sweaters a man should own—that’s what this article is for. We’ve determined the 10 foundational pullovers and cardigans you absolutely need in your wardrobe, and found the best versions of each for every budget. From the cable-knit classics to the unexpected swerves, the comfy cold weather layer has many forms. So become a knitwear master and catch ‘em all.

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The V-Neck

After a few years out of the limelight—like post-baseball Jordan—the V-neck is ready to reclaim its menswear throne as the most versatile sweater in your closet.

Gap Mainstay v-neck sweater

With chinos and a button-down shirt, or a grungy denim jacket and heavy winter boots, this sweater is true to its name—an absolute mainstay.

Everlane cashmere v-neck sweater

The perfect V-drop to show off a little T-shirt and a wavy necklace.

Story mfg. Keeping v-neck embroidered organic cotton sweater

Wearable artwork that’s also egregiously comfortable.

The Crewneck

The heftier, snappier cousin of that Champion sweatshirt you love so much.

Uniqlo lambswool crew neck long-sleeve sweater

Look no further—this is the best wool sweater you can get for the money.

Pendleton Shetland crew neck sweater

A subtle melange? We love!

Eckhaus Latta multicolor colorblocked Ab-Ex sweater

Inspiration: when the TV flickers in and out of static.

The Turtleneck

The easiest way to make just about anything—suits, trucker jackets, flannel shirts—instantly seem twice as cool.

Club Monaco merino wool turtleneck sweater

Steve Jobs energy.

Todd Snyder solid ribbed turtleneck

Yellow mustard—arguably the worst kind of mustard and the best color for a turtleneck.

Sunspel lambswool turtleneck sweater

Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was soft as hell.

The Mock Neck

The turtleneck’s looser, laidback younger brother.

Abercrombie & Fitch waffle mockneck sweater

Mmmm, waffles…

Our Legacy pilled funnel neck sweater

Extreme ’90s vibrations emanating from this baby blue sweater.

Tom Ford dip-dyed cashmere, mohair, and silk-blend mock-neck sweater

Gotta dip into the bank account and cop this baller sweater.

The Sweater Vest

No sleeves, no problem. The sweater vest moment has been ramping up for several seasons and we’re totally here for it.

Alex Mill donegal wool sweater vest

As chic with a button-up and chinos as it is with a tee and baggy jeans.

Sun Flower ribbed slip over sweater vest

Good enough to stand on its own, or rock over some avant-garde long-sleeve mesh layers.

Gucci argyle knit sweater

Under a jacket, over a plain white tee, and with some flowy dress pants and you’re the undisputed champ of fits (at least for the day).

The Chunky Cardigan

On the best spring and fall days, these’ll be the only jacket you really need.

L.L. Bean classic ragg wool sweater cardigan

For your cozy fireside you-time and your There Will Be Blood cosplay.

J.Crew textured rugged merino wool shawl collar cardigan

Straight out of a midcentury Ivy League college yearbook.

Needles argyle mohair cardigan

The Slim Cardigan

Best deployed under a blazer like a slightly cozier waistcoat, or over a buttoned-up polo for some bookish-‘90s-indie-frontman appeal.

Uniqlo extra fine merino wool v-neck long-sleeve cardigan

Extra fine is the right way to describe this tasty, tasty cardigan.

Corridor alpawool cardigan

Forget PSLs, it’s time for PSCs (pumpkin spice cardigans).

Noma T.D. bi-colour mohair-blend cardigan

Over a sweet graphic tee and some thrashed jeans and you’re grungy in the best way possible.

The Cashmere Sweater

The swankiest, supplest form of high-quality wool is now more accessible than ever.

Everlane grade-A cashmere crew

You may not have been a very good student, but you’ll get top marks with this Grade-A cashmere number.

Polo Ralph Lauren suede-trim wool-cashmere sweater

The Elder Statesman patchwork tie-dyed cashmere sweater

No, you didn’t just eat a funny mushroom.

The Zip Sweater

Whether it’s a quarter-zip, half-zip, or full-zip, it’s been a staple of normie dads forever and, yes, it’s cool again.

Gap recycled half-zip sweater

Who knew recycling could be so stylish?

Mr P ribbed merino wool half-zip sweater

Good for projecting a diverse investment portfolio, whether you have one or not.

Beams Plus jacquard-knit mohair-blend zip-up cardigan

Attention all other sweaters: you can throw in the towel.

The Polo Sweater

It’s a sweater with a collar, ya know what I mean?

Asket merino wool polo sweater

This merino wool sweater just about sums up simple elegance.

J.Crew cashmere collar sweater

Hot cocoa.

Todd Snyder merino stripe polo

We want to hear less about block chain and more about block stripes.

The Swerves

Three sweater trends worth trying right now: a wild graphic intarsia sweater, a button-up collared cardigan (with off-the-charts texture), and a punk-inspired distressed pullover.

Aime Leon Dore Molina Pappou sweater

Is this how you do old man style?

Le17Septembre Homme wool-blend bouclé cardigan

A textural TRIUMPH.

Saint Laurent distressed cotton sweater

Who said sweaters needed to be pristine?

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