The Perfect Shower – Men’s Grooming Plan

A Man’s
Perfect Shower Plan

A lot of guys believe to really feel clean, you’ve got to scald your skin under the blast of near-boiling water. This is not the case, as any dermatologist will tell you. It not only dries out your skin but can also cause redness and irritation. Go for soothing warmth, not scalding temperatures … at least for the first few minutes of your shower (more on that later).

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You don’t need to wash your hair everyday—that will just strip it of moisture and natural oils. And you don’t even need to use shampoo—just conditioner. Try co-washing for a day or two and notice how different your hair looks, feels and behaves after you towel it off. It’s less brittle, less frizzy. Your hair has an instant, nice shine to it and the perfect malleability for styling.

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Currently, I’m not shaving with a razor and shaving cream all that much. I’m a full-time beard trimmer guy these days. But those who do shave know to do it after a shower, since the steam softens the facial hair and the moisture helps decrease irritation. So why not do it in the shower? It’s as close to a barber’s hot towel shave as you can get at home. And it makes clean up a whole lot easier. Just make sure to outfit your shower with a fog-free mirror.

Do you use a washcloth? A loofah? Or go commando and take the bar of soap right to your skin? Either way, really lather up and wash yourself, don’t skimp on areas like your pits and privates. This is why you’re here—to get clean. And if you’re using a wash cloth or loofah, now’s the time to scrub down and exfoliate the skin.

Some guys will proudly tell you that they never wash their feet in the shower. Don’t be that guy. Sure, you may not always get to it, but polishing your feet with a pumice stone is a game-changer. Just wet the rock and then sand away the thick skin and calluses. You’ll find that the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Soon, you’ll enjoy the addictiveness of the feeling—and the resulting smoothness.

Cold showers are popular with wellness types because they come with a myriad of health benefits—there’s clinical evidence that an icy shower can improve your mood and boost your immunity. But I can also tell you that they’re not much fun. A solid compromise though, is ending your shower with a blast of bone-chilling water. For the last 30 seconds or so, turn the water as cold as it’ll go and embrace the shock of it all. You’ll get a jolt of energy and the cold rinse calms any stress the hot water may have caused to the skin or scalp.

One you turn off the water, don’t just step out dripping wet. Drag your hands down your arms and legs like a human squeegee. Do the same over your torso and down your back. It takes mere seconds, but you’ll save yourself a sopping towel. (And the drier your towel, the less bacteria and smells as a result.)

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