Todd Snyder’s Collaboration With J. Press Just Might Convince You Prep Is Back

The prep revival isn’t imminent: it’s here. For proof, look no further than Todd Snyder’s collaboration with J. Press, the vaunted American haberdasher that’s dressed the Ivy League crowd—and those looking to imitate their style—since setting up shop in New Haven over a century ago. Though the brand has been under Japanese ownership since the late ‘80s, J. Press never strayed far from its roots, quietly outfitting generations of prep obsessives in fuzzy Shaggy Dog sweaters and gently-structured Harris Tweed blazers.

Over the years, J. Press has managed to fly relatively under the radar, insulated from the kind of tumult—financial and otherwise—that’s plagued its competitors, most notably the brand inherited by a quartet of Brooks siblings in the early 1800s. Which is why a collaboration with a designer of Snyder’s ilk and purview feels so noteworthy.

The collection is jam-packed with the pieces that made J. Press a mainstay of post-war style (including a dizzying array of neon-hued Shetland sweaters), all filtered through the lens of Todd Snyder’s unabashedly sunny take on Americana. In total, it features close to 50 items, each a distinct interpretation of the silhouettes J. Press helped popularize throughout the last ten decades, with plenty of nods to traditional Ivy League iconography interspersed throughout.

Snyder and his contemporaries are no stranger to reworking the kind of staple heritage pieces widely beloved by the menswear masses. His ongoing collaboration with L.L.Bean continues to sell out, and more recently, fellow designers like Noah’s Brendon Babenzian and Michael Bastian have landed much buzzed-about gigs overhauling the likes of J.Crew and Brooks Brothers, respectively. As Ivy Style enters its dirtbag era, shaking off the stodgy associations with the Wasp-y subculture from which it sprang, the clothing associated with the country club set is all-but guaranteed to continue finding relevance with a new generation of enthusiasts. To paraphrase MLK (paraphrasing Theodore Parker): the arc of the menswear universe is long but—for now, at least—it bends towards prep.

So if your fall wardrobe’s in dire need of a little blue-blooded swagger, there’s no better place to turn and no time like the present to do it. Keep scrolling to see our favorite picks from the drop, and then hop on the prep bandwagon—it’s a vintage Range Rover, FYI—with the gusto of a newly-converted fan who might not know the players’ names but definitely owns all the jerseys.

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