Wearing Rings for Men – 4 Style Tips You Should Know

Wearing jewelry is most common amongst women, but there are a lot of men in this space too. After all, accessorizing is a way of flaunting personal style and taste, and it sure is a good thing. Today, we’re talking about rings. Rings are typically suitable for special occasions or even on typical casual days.

Now, if you’re a bit new to accessorizing, we’re here to help you out. In this article, we will be laying down four helpful tips on how men should wear rings to make them fashionable and stylish.

1. You need to decide between left and right hand

Depending on wedding customs and traditions, the wearing of rings is quite strict if you’re a married man. Some cultures impose wearing it on either left or right, so this could be a factor if you add additional rings on your fingers. However, if you want your rings to capture attention, the rings should be placed on the dominant hand. But if you really want to be stylish and creative, try putting multiple rings on your fingers. This is called being “ambidextrous”.

Also, it’s important to take note that the rings worn on certain fingers actually represent something. Rings on the index finger represent affiliation, while on the pinky is a personal statement.

2. The size matters

Just like choosing the size of your clothes, you should also be particular about the size of the rings. The size of the rings should be proportionate to the size of your fingers. For instance, if you have slim fingers, wearing big rings may be heavy and could be uncomfortable.

3. Ring’s composition is a factor

Now that you have identified where to put the rings and what size you should follow, now it’s time to select which type of rings you should wear. Sometimes it’s not the style that might matter but the purpose the rings serve.

One example is metallic rings, which are sleek in design, scratch-free, and very durable. It’s not too flashy which many men prefer. Another type is mens crystal rings, and these are quite peculiar because aside from style, they also have different benefits. Crystal-made rings are said to have healing properties and each of these crystals has distinct qualities. For instance, amethyst rings are said to possess anti-stress properties while selenite rings are healers of bodily cells. So depending on what you need, you might find certain crystals more suitable for you.

4. Skin tone matters too

So regardless if you choose to wear crystal or metallic rings, it’s also important to have the kind of ring that compliments or blends well with your skin tone. It’s the same as choosing the right shade of a suit to compliment your skin and thereby enhance your outward appearance. The same applies to rings. The colour and external appearance of the rings do say a lot about your style, and when it’s mismatched, may look a little awkward.

Final Words

There are no specific standards when it comes to wearing rings, but there are ways to make them look better on you. It has something to do with the right selection plus other factors we mentioned. Sometimes the most effective key to wear and accessorize through rings is to strike a balance amongst the four factors. When you are able to achieve it, wearing rings as a man could be a great way to flaunt your personal taste.

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