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Capricorn is a sign dedicated to breaking open patterns. Mercury in Capricorn likes to startle. They like to do things that make them feel like they’re a bit of an outlaw. Aquarius Mercury works the same way, but Aquarius Mercury doesn’t do things to get a reaction as much as Capricorn Mercury. Capricorn Mercury will sell all of their belongings, rent a place by the river, and eagerly await your reaction.

They’re rulebreakers and want you to know it. They get most excited when people break rules together, separate from regular society to form a commune, and most of all, when they feel they are allowed to chase freedom.

Mercury in Aquarius

Masterful, Well-Rounded, and Confident

Usually, Mercury in Aquarius is interdisciplinary. They may be accountants by day but tarot card readers by night, painters with a fascination with anatomy or physics, or even public speakers with a penchant for silent retreats. Mercury in Aquarius excels when they are allowed to bring two very different, almost contrasting fields of study together until a new idea is born.

They appear to be reflective, but they are fiercely creative. Mercury in Aquarius does not appear as naive. They appear as people who hold a lot of old knowledge and make that apparent to the people observing them. When those with this placement do things, they give the appearance of being well-practiced and sure of themselves.

This is a Mercury that doesn’t do what they are told, but Mercury in Aquarius doesn’t usually make a big deal out of rebellion. They usually steadily push things until everyone else is ready for what they want to do.

Mercury in Pisces

Storyteller, Enigmatic, and Private

This is another sign where Mercury finds its detriment, so Pisces Mercury often relays information that it itself does not believe just to test the waters and see how other people might react. It’s a complex and almost cryptic Mercury where its own motives are often hidden from themselves until the goal they set out to do is reached.

Mercury in Pisces is very good at telling stories. The line between truth and fiction interests them most. In fact, a good majority of Pisces Mercuries have had experiences in childhood when they were unheard or emotionally suppressed. They might have had trouble fitting in and felt like they had to hide parts of themselves. They have beautiful, large, and fun closets — ones they have lived in for a long time.

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Mercury Retrogrades

As you may know already, Mercury retrogrades three to four times a year. Not all Mercury retrogrades will affect you, though. The only time they truly do is when you are profecting (or moving through, based on your age) the 3rd and 6th Houses, which are ruled by Mercury. When you’re born, you start from the 1st House and cycle through the 12 Houses with each birthday. From there, you can figure out which planet’s transits will impact you the most based on your current age. With this astrological technique in mind, Mercury is most likely to weigh on you when you’re 2, 5, 14, 17, 26, 29, 28, 41, 50, 53, 62, 65, and so on. 

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