What We’re Wearing: Be Cool in the Cold

We’re smack dab in the middle of Fall, and you’ve no doubt scrolled past fit pic captions saying, “It’s cold now, so I can really start dressing,” but it’s true. The weather finally allows you to be more expressive with layers, textures and moody tones. Here at Valet., we’ll always make sure you have the go-to staples in your closet; however, feel free to branch out a bit into the style universe.

Whether you’re out on a date, visiting family or partaking in holiday festivities, you want your outfit to be cool, casual and say something about your personal style. A crewneck cardigan is a killer piece because it’s 100% cotton and you can throw it on over a tee or oxford and your skin won’t be itchy. You’ll be surprised how versatile this low-key statement piece really is. (Personally, it’s on my Fall wish list.) Pair it with some roomy chinos or relaxed denim. The tote bag makes it easy to pack and go wherever the wind takes you and the mules allow you to travel in style without having the hassle of taking shoes on and off.

These pieces will help you make a statement without shouting, but they’ll also pair well with the other staples in your wardrobe. So layer up and stay cool in the cold.

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