What We’re Wearing: For Earth Day

When you’re younger you have the option of not caring much about the world around you, but the older you become the more you have certain responsibilities and obligations—especially when you throw kids into the mix. I admittedly didn’t care about much as far as world issues go, but since becoming a parent, some things I once considered frivolous are much more considered these days. And one of the biggest issues for me is lowering my environmental footprint. Sustainability has been quite the buzzword for a few years now, but it’s all about the actions you put behind it.

I think people believe that you must go from one extreme to another to be sustainable or care about the environment, but there are small steps you can take that add up. Start by being mindful on what you’re buying. Try to purchase items that are slowly made, eschew unnecessary chemicals and dyes or sewed from recycled materials. Another step is to avoid overconsumption. Social media has made it too easy to buy whatever your heart desires—but if you can resist the double tap of your Apple Pay, you might realize you don’t need another “new” thing. If you are going to buy something, try vintage or secondhand shops. These unique items often save you money and keep items from ending up in landfills. For Earth Day 2022, we’ve pulled together a look comprised entirely of items that are 100% guilt-free, from brands with a proven track record when it comes to sustainability.

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